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Return of Queen Elizabeth of Roumania to Llandudno

Charlotte Peters Rock in Roumanian dress
The Roumanian national costume is the latest of Charlotte's guises

Llandudno is to receive its second royal visit in a week as the Queen's trip to Venue Cymru on Tuesday is followed by an 'appearance' of Queen Elizabeth of Roumania at the weekend's Victorian Extravaganza.

As 2010 is the 120th anniversary of the Roumanian queen's holiday in the town, regular extravaganza participant Charlotte Peters Rock will join the costume parade dressed as the historic figure who has several Llandudno streets named in her honour.

Charlotte, from Knutsford in Cheshire, has been researching the queen's story.

"Staying privately in the town over several weeks, Queen Elizabeth, Consort to King Carol I, would have enjoyed the pleasures of Llandudno, much as they might be enjoyed today.

She had her photograph taken at the studio of Thomas Edge of Gloddaeth Street. The photograph shows a good looking woman, and is entitled Her Majesty the Queen of Roumania "Carmen Sylva".

The great sweep of buildings between the Great and Little Ormes, drives into the hills and the view from the Great Orme summit were all a part of the Llandudno experience in the 1890s.

Born a Princess of Wied in Germany, Elizabeth was fluent in German, French and English. Noted in her day as a poet and novelist, her nom de plume was Carmen Sylva.

Queen Elizabeth of Roumania studio portrait
Queen Elizabeth described Llandudno as a beautiful haven of peace

The Prussian Prince Karl von Hohenzollern was elected Dominitor (Prince) of Roumania in 1866. He married Princess Elizabeth at Neuwied in 1869. In 1881 the title was converted to a kingship; King Carol I, with his Consort Queen Elizabeth of Roumania, ruled until his death in 1914.

Their only child, Princess Maria, died aged three. Following sideways moves through the family, the chosen heir to the throne was Crown Prince Ferdinand, who was formally adopted by the King and Queen.

Queen Elizabeth is noted for promoting the health and education of Roumania's women and children. It is thought that she never recovered from the death of her only child.

During The War of Independence of 1877, the Queen organised hospitals, ambulances and medicines for the wounded, providing funding for a 100-bed hospital and nursing some of the wounded herself. Through her Societata Regina Elizabeta, 17,000 needy patients per year were treated free of charge.

National dress

She organised the women of Roumanian high society to become involved in setting up and working in various charities.

Elizabeth was disappointed to realise that the famous traditions of weaving and embroidery, which had produced the most beautiful Roumanian national dress, were dying out.

Keen to adopt the new European fashions, Roumanians were discarding their most famous art forms. Their new queen wore examples of the national dress on many occasions. Fashions follow the queen.

She encouraged Roumanian women to continue with their art; promoting conservation, study and accepting gifts of beautiful examples of woven and embroidered costume from villages and towns across her adopted country.

Queen Elizabeth led Roumania into the sphere of international exhibitions. Travelling to many countries, she also visited north Wales, staying for several weeks in Llandudno in 1890."

Do you know where Queen Elizabeth stayed? Charlotte has been unable to find out, so let us know if you have the answer.

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