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In pictures: Cae'r Gors, Rhosgadfan, Kate Roberts' home

Cae'r Gors cottage, Rhosgadfan

The land accompanying the Roberts' cottage would have provided valuable extra food for the family.

Kate and her brothers Richard and Evan

Kate's brothers Richard and Evan were both injured during World War I and Dei, the youngest of the family, died on the journey home when dysentery swept through a Maltese hospital.

Cae'r Gors front room

Kate Roberts was born in 1891 and the cottage has been restored to the way it would have looked during her childhood.

Cae'r Gors bedroom

Kate Roberts' family lived in Cae'r Gors until the 1920s when they moved to Maesteg.

The pantry at Cae'r Gors

When children visit they learn about the food a quarryman's family would have eaten, such as porridge, lobsgows and pea soup.

Kate Roberts' doll

Kate's doll was the inspiration for her book Prynu Dol (Buying a Doll).

Kate's pen holder

Cae'r Gors has the pen holder which used to sit on Kate's writing desk.

An old gravestone

The writing on this gravestone was the first poetry Kate read as a very small child. It was used to prop up the cow pen.

Inside Kate Roberts' childhood home
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