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Page last updated at 07:33 GMT, Friday, 28 January 2011
Sound art event launches underwater at Bangor pool

Musicians performing include Graham Bowers, Andrew Lewis and Joel Cahen

Swimmers at a Gwynedd pool are being given a chance to dip their toes into performance art at a festival.

Underwater music and dance performances are taking place at Bangor swimming pool, as part of the Bangor Sound City festival.

Live music by surrealist group Nurse with Wound will be piped through special underwater speakers as part of Wet Sounds.

It also features a live-art scuba performance by artist Megan Broadmeadow and a new water choreography by Lisa Spaull.

While the composers play live on a stage above the pool's seating area, different elements of their work will be streamed to the two sets of speakers above and below the waterline.

"So if you've got one ear in the water, and one out, you can hear it all," said event organiser Dominic Chennell of Llanrwst-based arts consultancy Datrys .

"Also, a film by Graham Bowers will be projected onto the ceiling of the pool while swimmers listen to his music. Call it a gig in a pool, really."

Wet Sounds' organisers say atmospheric poolside lighting will change the usually brightly-lit swimming pool into a 'darkened listening venue'.

It will kick off 18 months of art installations in Bangor which concentrate on what you hear, rather than what you see.

'Interact with the raindrops'

"This is such a great event to be happening in north Wales, I'm delighted that we've been able to bring such a fantastic experience here," said Mr Chennell.

A host of projects are being considered after consulting with local people last year to find out what sort of art they'd like to see.

"We haven't decided exactly what we'll be doing yet," added Mr Chennell.

"But the first event will happen at the end of March; some sort of sculpture on the pier which will interact with the raindrops."

Sound art in other locations around the world include a fountain in Canada that can be played as a musical instrument and a New York underpass where hidden loudspeakers play sounds from Central Park.

Public art sounded out for Bangor
20 Apr 10 |  Arts & Culture


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