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Page last updated at 09:41 GMT, Friday, 3 December 2010
Theatre group turn Penygroes house into Weather Factory

Image taken from National Theatre Wales' The Weather Factory. Photo: Dewi Glyn Jones
The production is suitable for adults and children from nine upwards

An ordinary house in Gwynedd's Nantlle Valley has been taken over by the National Theatre Wales and filled with weather.

The Weather Factory is the new company's ninth production and aims to transform the house into a place of magic, using local people's stories about the weather and the science behind the four seasons.

But in a change from the norm, there won't be any actors involved and the exact location in the village of Penygroes is secret.

Having booked their tickets, the audience will be directed to a pub, where they'll pick up the keys to the house and spend 35 minutes exploring it at their own pace.

Director and designer David Harradine of co-producers Fevered Sleep, explained: "It's a series of installations. Each room contains something either to do with weather or elements of the landscape here in Snowdonia.

"It's about exploring how we experience the weather inside a house.

"It's almost a ritual to look at the sky before leaving in the morning, especially up here, where the weather is so present because of the relationship between the sea and the mountains.

David Harradine, the creative director and co-designer of the The Weather Factory. Photo: Dewi Glyn Jones
National Theatre Wales specialises in breaking from tradition

"The title Weather Factory refers to the fact that the landscape here manufactures the weather."

The team have been in the village for six weeks, working with slate, moss, glass, film and music to transform the three story terraced house.

And David doesn't think the production suffers from a lack of actors.

"There's a strong element of a character in the house," he explained.

"Someone who's obsessed with the weather and has invited it to come and live with them.

"There's a letter inviting you to have a glass of sherry in front of the Christmas tree before having a look round.

"And I hope it will be exciting to be allowed into someone else's house, with your own key without anyone telling you what to look for."

He added that there will be things hidden away in drawers and cupboards, as well as room-sized installations inspired by the wind and rain.

Weather Factory runs from 7-24 December, excluding Mondays, at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7.30pm, 8.30pm and 9.30pm.

Up to six people can attend at a time and tickets are available from Galeri, Caernarfon .

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