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New 'keeper' at Point of Ayr Lighthouse

The Keeper looks out from Point of Ayr Lighthouse
The Keeper, a life-size sculpture, looks out from Point of Ayr Lighthouse

A life-size sculpture of a ghostly figure has taken up permanent residence at Point of Ayr Lighthouse.

'The Keeper' was commissioned to represent the stories of ghostly apparitions seen by visitors on Talacre beach - even though it has not been staffed for a century.

The sculpture stands at 7ft (2.10m) and is designed to create an impression in more ways than one, according to artist Angela Smith.

Using sea creature shapes welded together from hundreds of highly polished stainless steel - making him rust-resistant - The Keeper reflects natural light and gaps between the shapes allows wind to blow through, creating eerie sounds.

Talacre lighthouse by Quinny

The Keeper is the first 'resident' at the lighthouse for more than 100 years.

Established in 1777 and discontinued 1883, Point of Ayr is the oldest lighthouse in Wales.

It was one of a series of lights protecting boats using Liverpool Bay.

The lighthouse fell into dereliction until it was bought at auction in 1983 by James McAllister, owner of nearby Talacre Beach Leisure Park.

It is said the most common lighthouse ghost sighting is that of the keeper, wearing a coat and cap, seen in broad daylight standing in front of the glass dome on the gallery walkway.

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