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Prestatyn floods remembered from 1990

Floods on Prestatyn sea front, February 2000
The powerful waves on Prestatyn front even carried off the Nova's pool table

Towyn floods stretched far along the north Wales coast, as these photos from Prestatyn seafront show

The late Andrew Morse, who ran Prestatyn weather station for the Met Office, took this sequence of photos at Prestatyn promenade.

Andrew, as surprised as everyone else, awoke to find the waves had comprised the defences immediately outside his home on the seafront on the morning of 26 February 1990.

Recalling that day, he later wrote: "That morning I collected milk off my doorstep as usual but noticed a header wave of sea water running down the avenue. I'd not noticed anything prior to this with the radio on loud!"

Floods on Prestatyn sea front, February 2000
The lower promenade car park at the entrance of the Nova centre

Andrew said: "I went to investigate armed with a camera. As I walked along Beach Road West waves were coming across the promenade car park and down the protective grassed banks and heading down towards the Nova [leisure centre].

"As I got closer I had to wade through up to a foot of water as the sea was pouring through the building from the sea side and through the back, then on to the car park."

Floods on Prestatyn sea front, February 2000
This is the view overlooking the seafront car park, by now underwater

Andrew said: "The other photos of Prestatyn show the sea inundating the Beach Road West car park and down the protective banks. The other shows the old entrance to the bar of the Nova.

"The pub sign used to have 'Pub on the beach' on a board but it was lost that day! I stayed long enough to notice the Nova pool table floating off towards the Isle of Man!"

Prestatyn weather station is situated at the entrance to the Nova car park but is raised and so escaped the flooding.

Andrew, aged 53, died after an illness in February 2010. He was well known in the area for maintaining the weather station and running Prestatyn Weather website which his friends hope to continue.

Ian Olson, Denbighshire Council's coastal facilities officer, said: "The information Andrew provided helped keep Prestatyn on the weather map, both locally and nationally, and his site was a good source of information during extreme weather events.

"He also provided data from the Prestatyn weather station on a daily basis to the Met Office to help maintain official records."

Flood waters start to pour into the street at Prestatyn
Flood waters start to pour into the street at Prestatyn

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