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TV's Most Haunted find 'ghosts' at Bodelwyddan Castle

A ghostly apparition at Bodelwyddan Castle, courtesy of the Most Haunted TV team
A representation of a ghost at Bodelwyddan Castle, courtesy Most Haunted

By Viccie Beech, Bodelwyddan Castle manager
TV's Most Haunted team couldn't believe how much spirit activity they found at Bodelwyddan Castle

Bodelwyddan Castle hides a multitude of spooky secrets as the team of Most Haunted Live discovered.

In a two hour long investigation, the team - led by presenter Yvette Fielding - tried to learn more about the unearthly inhabitants of Bodelwyddan Castle and solve the mystery of bones found in the walls of the castle in the 1800s.

Bodelwyddan Castle - quick links
Bodelwyddan Castle

Did the bones belong to the victim of a spirit who revealed itself to medium Chris Conway as "Davies" or was the body hidden to cover up a tragic accident?

When using a Ouija board "Davies" spelled out the words "kill", "no", "him" and "dead".

Perhaps the spirit is trying to tell us that the person the bones belong to was found dead not murdered before being placed behind the Sculpture Gallery fireplace?

When asked about Most Haunted's experiences during filming, Karl Beatty - executive producer of the show - said: "To have so much activity in such a short space of (filming) time is unprecedented.

"Whatever is haunting this place is getting stronger and our investigations have left us with more questions than answers. We will definitely be back."

Bodelwyddan Castle's own paranormal investigation team will be following up the findings of the Most Haunted team during its monthly overnight investigations.

An edited version of the programme 'Most Haunted: Almost Live' will be shown on Living TV (Tuesday 26 January 10pm).

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