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Denbigh Castle's ghosts

Denbigh Castle entrance
A huge archway marks the entrance to the walled confines of Denbigh Castle

By Mike McManus
Paranormal investigator Mike recounts a vigil at Denbigh Castle by members of his local group, Supernatural Encounters Association

The results of the vigil at Denbigh Castle were very good and sightings of dark featureless figures were seen by a number of members of our group.

As we entered the ruins, we felt in awe of the place and imagined what life would have been like in those days.

Denbigh Castle
An aerial view of the walled ruins of Denbigh Castle

The site where the dark shape was spotted was in the area of the battlements, which runs along the top of the area, which once housed the kitchens and king's bed chambers.

I had just walked over to the wooden framed steps to retrieve my tape recorder and was on my way back along the battlements when members who were on the grassed area below noted a dark shape moving quickly behind me.

It was also in the area housing the kitchens that a cold spot was discovered. The night was still and warm with no trace of wind or chill; myself and another member of the group (K) walked into the kitchen area via the entranceway and a very cold wind could be very clearly felt. Yet upon entering the vast room, all was still.

On leaving we again felt the cold wind, and as we left the area, we found the night air to be still. All other members of the group were asked to walk through the entranceway to corroborate what we had felt. Everyone was in agreement that it was indeed a strange phenomenon.

Denbigh Castle
The 13th Century castle still watches over the town of Denbigh

We had the keys for the gates on the night of the vigil, and what was experienced in the Goblin Tower by my colleague, Mark, and myself proved to the pair of us that something bad had once happened down at the bottom of the Tower.

During the first 45 minute session I was in the Goblin Tower with a team of four members, the other two teams of five being located around various parts of the castle. I sat myself on a window ledge in the tower looking down into the darkness with a torch to help me see.

After about 10 minutes, I began to feel very nervous as if something was coming up the stone steps from the bottom of the tower. I lasted for about five minutes more and had to move to another area.

Four of us stayed up and walked around the whole castle, picking up various phenomena
Mike McManus

It wasn't until the early hours of the morning that I spoke to Mark, who had also gone to the Tower with his team about two hours after my team had been there. I asked him how he felt during the session, and he recounted the exact same feelings of dread that I had experienced much earlier.

He had sat in the same place as I had and felt the same things as I had, and we hadn't even discussed it previous to that.

Later, when most of the group had gone off to sleep, four of us stayed up and walked around the whole of the castle picking up various phenomena along the way.

The left side of the building is where the remaining battlements are located and the kitchen area. This is also the location of the castle well. It is believed that John DeLacey's eldest son fell off the battlement and plunged to his death into the well.

It was recorded on the night of the vigil that there was a scream heard coming from that area. Could this have been the ghostly cries of the poor victim? We will never know...

Denbigh Castle
20 Oct 09 |  History

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