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Author investigates 'Welsh Roswell'
By Andy Roberts
Local author Andy explains more about an infamous UFO incident in north Wales in 1974 as he appeals for witnesses

Berwyn sign

On the night of 23 January, 1974, a baffling event took place in the Berwyn Mountains.

Strange lights had been seen crossing the skies from 7.30pm onwards and just after 8.30pm there was an explosion.

Locals thought that perhaps a 'plane had crashed or someone's boiler had blown up and villagers in Llandrillo and Llanderfel rushed into the streets.

Some of them saw odd lights on the mountains and North Wales Police switchboard was busy with callers.

A nurse called Pat Evans was so concerned that she drove onto the mountain road to offer help to victims of the air crash she believed had taken place. What she saw was mystifying; from her vantage point on the mountainous B road she looked across the dark moors to the mountains and could see a large red ball of light which pulsated and changed colour from red to yellow and white.

Near it were the lights of a vehicle and several small 'fairy lights'. Realising she hadn't a clue what it was she drove back home. An RAF Mountain Rescue Team was sent from RAF Valley and the police went up on the mountain, aided by a local farmer's son.

I have been researching this fascinating case for over 10 years
Andy Smith

The police searching the mountain saw a huge light descend to the north but could not find anything on the ground.

In the days following the event local and national newspapers were full of speculation about the possibility of a meteorite crashing to earth and teams of geologists and volunteers combed the mountain side looking for clues. They found nothing.

The British Geological Society had registered a powerful earthquake at just after 8.30pm, but this didn't account for the lights seen in the sky or on the mountain, and certainly didn't account for what nurse Pat Evans saw.

Over the years this event has become the focus of much speculation that it was caused by a UFO crash landing on the Berwyn Mountains, a UFO which the military knew all about and were actively searching for.

Tales of Men in Black, bodies being taken off the mountain to the government research establishment at Porton Down and a cover up on a grand scale now surround the case, which ufologists are terming the Welsh Roswell.

I have been researching this fascinating case for over 10 years and am now writing a book on the case called UFO Down: The Welsh Roswell? It will be published in July next year.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has any information about the case. Perhaps you, a friend or a relative were witnesses to the strange events, perhaps you have been told something about it or perhaps you just have a theory to share.

Whatever the case I'd like to hear from you and I can be contacted at meugher@googlemail.com, or by post: Andy Roberts, Seren Dywyll, Sandy Lane, Bagillt, Flintshire, CH6 6EY. Tel: 07730 200 426.



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