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Myths and legends about ghostly grey ladies

Ruins within the grounds at Ruthin Castle Hotel
Ruins in the grounds at Ruthin Castle Hotel where Lady Grey is said to haunt

By Nick Bourne
The ghosts of grey ladies are said to walk the region's castle ruins, historic buildings, roads and even modern housing estates.

The most peculiar is the case of the footsteps heard by villagers in Sychdyn, near Mold. Several say they have heard a woman walking by their homes. But when they check through their windows, the woman can't be seen.

She is heard walking along the village's 1970s housing estate throughout the year. She is always alone, always walking at a confident pace, and always late at night. Her shoes sound distinctive as her heels click along the pavement.

Is there a ghostly mist with Verne and Cindy at Ruthin Castle hotel?
Visitors Verne and Cindy - and mist - in the garden at Ruthin Castle Hotel. Could it be a ghost?

And villagers are puzzled why none of them have ever seen her, although some suggest it might not be a ghost at all - just a resident walking home and the sound echoing around the cul de sacs.

Another lady is said to haunt a village on the outskirts of Mold. The highway to the quiet village of Nannerch is said to be frequented by the black figure of a woman in Victorian clothing.

She is seen only along the road through the village and is thought to have somehow met her death there. Similarly, there are stories of a ghost of a woman walking the lanes at Nercwys, but little is known as to who she could be.

Denbigh Castle is said to be haunted by a grey lady, whilst the castle's small Goblin Tower is said to be haunted by a boy who peers from its windows. The small boy is thought to the son of the Earl of Lincoln who died in a fall from the tower. Nothing is known about the grey lady but people who live near to the castle, as well as visitors, claim to have seen her.

There is also the grey lady at Ruthin Castle Hotel which, along with the town itself, is said to be haunted by several ghosts

One story goes that when Lady Grey found out about the infidelity of her husband, she killed him. Because of this she was tried and convicted of murder and sentenced to death, presumably at the nearby Ruthin Gaol.

Meanwhile, along the north Wales coast, Prestatyn has its so called White Lady who brushes by tourists as they walk along the seafront.

And over on the Wrexham-Shropshire border, there is the so-called lady of Bronington first recorded in the 1800s. The story goes that a man, riding a horse-drawn cart, said he was close enough to see that the woman was wearing a light-coloured dress and a bonnet with a ribbon.

The man said he looked away to hasten the horses as he intended asking her to ride in his cart. When he looked back the woman had vanished. Author and paranormal investigator Richard Holland , of Mold, discovered the account from notes in Hawarden Record Office.

Richard suggested the most popular of the region's grey ladies is that of an old woman said to be seen gliding across the A541 dual carriageway outside 16th century Jacobean mansion, Plas Teg, Pontblyddyn, on the Mold-Wrexham road.

Richard said: "One lady was so convinced she had run someone over that she phoned the police, who used tracker dogs and a helicopter to try and find the 'victim', whom they feared may have wandered away, injured and dazed.

"Fortunately, the local officers already knew about the ghost - which usually appears as an elderly lady drifting across the road - and were able to reassure the driver that no-one corporeal had been hurt.

"The driver appeared on Carol Vorderman's Mysteries on BBC1 several years ago talking about this uncanny experience and I was on it as well, giving some of the background to the haunting."

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