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Talacre Lighthouse's ghosts

Talacre Lighthouse by Quinny
Talacre Lighthouse - where the ghost of a lighthouse keeper is said to pace the tower walkway

There have been no shortage of ghost stories associated with atmospheric 19th Century Talacre Lighthouse, writes Nick Bourne.

The accounts shared by our contributors suggest they have seen a ghostly lighthouse keeper walking around the tower once housing a light to warn passing ships travelling across Liverpool Bay from Llandudno with a second light signalling those travelling along the Dee estuary.

Some mediums who have visited the site say they feel the presence of a man who had a broken heart others say he had a fever, and some day trippers have also reported feeling unwell after visiting the base of the lighthouse which has stood disused since the 1840s. A lighthouse, known officially as Point of Ayr, has stood on the site at Talacre Beach since 1776.

Contributors' experiences at Talacre Lighthouse

Sally's Mum: "My husband and I were on Talacre beach a couple of years ago and saw a lighthouse keeper at the top of the lighthouse, in front of the glass dome. He was wearing an old fashioned dark worsted lighthouse keeper's coat and hat. The lighthouse was locked and chained. We were on different parts of the beach when we spotted him and spoke about this image when we caught each other up. He was there for quite a while. It was a sunny day, so no mist about.

Talacre's ghost
Talacre Lighthouse by Andrew Gunther
I live next to the beach and my dogs won't go near the lighthouse at times, as if they sense something is there
Chris from Talacre

"My husband and I were there in day time - the sun was out and a few people were on the beach as it was low tide. No footprints round the lighthouse steps or tyre tracks on the beach. The sand was as normal. My husband and I can't see how anyone could get there unless they were dropped by helicopter and we would have heard that. If the person was meant to be there surely they would have had a hard hat on and a fluorescent jacket.

"The chain round the door was very strong and the padlock was a large one. No one else seemed to be looking at the lighthouse, so we don't know if we were the only ones to see it. I was one side of the beach to the right, and my husband had wandered over to the left hand side of the lighthouse, and he was nearer than me. I wasn't very far from sand dunes so we saw this from different angles. "

Jo from Hereford: "I've just got back from a holiday in Prestatyn with my children. One evening as it was getting dark we decided to take a walk along the beach to the Talacre lighthouse. We were all having fun and messing around and when we got to the lighthouse I took photos of the children on the steps. We didn't see or hear anything strange at the time but didn't stop long as it had become quite dark by then and it was beginning to feel quite creepy. As soon as we started to walk away from the lighthouse my youngest son who's 6 years old began complaining that he felt ill, by the next day he was really poorly with a high temp and tonsilitis. Out of the 5 children I took to the lighthouse with me 4 of them came down with fevers and tonsilitis. When we returned home we researched the Talacre Lighthouse and were amazed to find that the lighthouse keeper had died of a fever. We had fun at the time but could this be the curse of the lighthouse keeper? PS They're all fine now!"

Paul Sanderson, Stoke on Trent: "My grandparents always went to Rhyl for their annual holiday. I always went with them. I was a young boy, my mother had a brother named Jeffrey Moses. He was fascinated by the lighthouse, and he said to my mother one day I will own that lighthouse. A few years later it came on the market, and was up for sale, he was excited and thrilled he was going to buy it. Alas, as he put his offer in he became very ill and died in 1966 aged 38. My grandparents never got over it."

Heather Lloyd: "I recently took photographs of Talacre beach. I rarely take pictures of people. One of the beach...a figure is in the background. Haven't a clue who/what it is, even after messing with the picture for quite a few hours...seems more like a shadow and no footprints around it."

Steven Winter from the Association of Lighthouse Keepers: "I have visited Talacre or Point of Ayr lighthouse, as it is officially known, several times, the first was in 1986 when it was a total wreck. I went again in 1994 just after it had been restored. Then again in 1999 with the ALK where we were given access to the tower and lantern room and were filmed by a local BBC TV station. I went there again in 2006, and have noticed that the paintwork has deteriorated somewhat, but I have not seen or sensed any ghosts or strange occurrences on any of my visits. I do know that the lighthouse at New Brighton (known as Perch Rock), Wirral, is supposed to be haunted."

Neil Hayden, Birkenhead: "Never thought I'd share this with anyone but here goes... I'm 40 now and when I was 16 me and my best mate used to go and visit a relative of his in Talacre. The occasion that sticks out is one day while on the beach, we saw what we can only describe as one massive footprint, like nothing human size. The footprint was pointing towards the lighthouse, and as we we stared at each other and panicked, there was an almighty bang on the inside of the lighthouse door, we ran back towards the dunes, and turned round to see someone shining a torch at us, this was about 8 o'clock at night, just going dusk. Not only did the torch business frighten us but the footprint too, which believe it or not disappeared within the 15 mins it took us to go get a witness. No high tide, no one on the beach and no sign of the footprint being rubbed out. Has anyone else seen the footprint?"

Adam Corkill, Stockport: "We have seen something there too. It was summer the first time we went near the lighthouse, coming up from Presthaven Sands. We saw a figure of a man up in the top tower. He looked like he was fixing equipment. However, there was little footprints around, the padlock seemed to be fully locked and the figure was only there briefly. He was dressed in dark green from what little we got to see. We had no idea about the rumours before we got there."

John Canbo,Talacre: "I went there once and my little puppy ran almost to the other side of the beach and had the shivers all over!"

Chris Jones, Talacre: "I live next to the beach and my dogs won't go near the lighthouse at times, as if they sense something is there."

Donna Graham, Flint: "Pathfinder Paranormal Investigators our team of 8, including Mary White whom came 2nd in the country on Britain's Psychic Challenge investigated the lighthouse on the 22 April 2006. Well, what an amazing night we had (not orb chasers by the way) we went fully equipped with top of the range paranormal kit, 5 night vision cameras were set up on on each floor/basement motion sensors, EVP (electronic voice phenomena equipment) EMF (magnetic field monitors), digital photos taken and, of course, the old fashioned séances were performed with Mary White's mediumship.

"Strange sounds were picked up on EVP plus scraping around us when against the walls, many unusual lights (and yes, orbs) were caught on video cameras and digital cameras, our monitors were going crazy at times when no other explanation could be found. The name Raymond who was once a lighthouse man came through. Mary had empathy, picking up he died of a fever (like typhoid) plus a broken heart! Also, 4 other spirits came forward."

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