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White Lady of Prestatyn

By Harry Thomas
Prestatyn's local historian describes sightings of a ghostly figure on the sea front

One of the greatest pleasures of living in Prestatyn is the ability to take a walk along the town's glorious lengthy promenade. On a warm sunny summer's day it's an ideal way to relax and spend a few leisurely hours.

Prestatyn seafront
Lonely figure on Prestatyn Front

However, if you choose to walk along Prestatyn's promenade during the twilight hours on a summer's evening and happen to see a figure of a woman on her own in a white dress, you have been one of those number of people to have sighted an apparition known as the White Lady of Prestatyn.

The people said to have seen this ghostly figure describe her as a tall figure dressed in white walking along the promenade between the Nova and the Festival Gardens, although sightings of her have been seen elsewhere on the promenade.

The most vivid sighting of the White Lady was some years ago by a Rhyl man walking his dog, when from nowhere a figure of a woman in a white dress appeared in front of him.

His immediate thought was 'How unusual it was for a woman to be walking alone in a white dress at this time of night'. His dog suddenly started to shiver and whine and refused to move.

The man then picked up his dog and proceeded to carry him under his arm. The figure of the woman had now turned around and was walking towards him. The dog gave a terrified yelp, then jumped out of his owner's arms and ran off in the opposite direction.

It was a very misty night, myself and my friend were walking towards Splash Point. As we were walking the temperature dropped very quickly and about 5 minutes later we both thought we saw a figure of a woman in the mist who quickly disappeared.
Amy, Prestatyn

The warmth of the summer's evening unexpectedly subdued to a cold chill as he could now see that the figure was that of a nun with no face below her wimple. He would have wished to follow his dog and run but he was frozen to the spot and as the figure came closer it passed straight through him feeling like an icy chill.

When the warmth of the evening returned and he was able to move again, he turned to see where the figure was but found only an empty promenade behind him. When he returned to the car, it was there he found his dog cowering and whimpering underneath it.

Recent sightings of the White Lady have been by an elderly couple who were taking a late summer's walk along the promenade when from nowhere they saw a woman dressed in white sitting on the sea wall reading a book. They thought this was very odd and as they approached her she shimmered and suddenly disappeared. Could this woman be the ghostly nun reading her Bible?

Another recent sighting was by Irene Crumb and her father, of Prestatyn. Irene's parents once ran Salford's Holiday Camp. They had gone to recover fishing lines put down the night before and any fish they had caught, when Irene's gaze was drawn to the lone figure of a woman in off-white clothing walking along the promenade.

Irene and her father watched her for about five minutes when she suddenly disappeared before their eyes and left them baffled as to where she went. They now realise they had possibly sighted the White Lady of Prestatyn.

Your sightings of the White Lady of Prestatyn

Craig from Manchester: "My family owned a caravan on Lido beach just down the road from the Nova centre, and if anyone knows it they will know the back of the site has or did have an entrance leading on to the beach with the sand dunes. I think around 1995 or 96 a small group of us who would meet up in the summer and used to spend some evenings on the sand dunes. One night we got up to leave and we all noticed a strange smell what we all described as 'dandelion and burdock' and had a general uneasy feeling, a friend at the time said he'd seen the top of a white old fashioned lady's hat and another a faint sound of singing. That night we all didn't sleep too well, needless to say. I only discovered the white lady stories now when I was looking for pictures of the redevelopment of the beach, and it brought it all back."

Gemma from Derbyshire: "I went on holiday to Prestatyn in a caravan place called Lido caravan park, and I was strolling down the promenade at about sundown with my mother and sisters and we saw a white/blue transparent figure walking up and down the beach turning and looking at us every few feet. We were proper scared and the figure seemed to have their nose buried in a book. It was really scary and once we had gone to the end of the promenade and back the figure had gone."

Amy from Prestatyn: "It was a very misty night, myself and my friend were walking towards Splash Point. As we were walking the temperature dropped very quickly and about 5 minutes later we both thought we saw a figure of a woman in the mist who quickly disappeared. To this day we still don't know if what we saw was real, but we thought it may quite possibly have been the White Lady of Prestatyn."

Dave from Meliden: "I have been down Prestatyn beach loads of time powerkiting & have been there til the late hours of the evening & have seen this spectre quite a few times. She walks from Rhyl to Prestatyn or the other way around, but as the story goes she commited suicide by drowning in the sea. So she is bound to that place in between, but no further."

Steven from Manchester: "Me and my mate Katie decided to take a random trip to Prestatyn on Sat night. We pulled into the car park at the Nova on the beach and had a walk in the dark. When walking we saw a bizarre blue light that was moving up and down and round and then did a huge jump and appeared to be in the sea. My mate was really scared so we turned around and walked towards the car. As we were walking we saw a white figure in the sea, we initially thought it was just a reflection but then it began to move. It was a tall white figure which startled us, again my friend being a scaredy cat made me climb over the sea wall and walk towards the car. I told her I already knew about the tale of the White Lady and this freaked her out even more! This figure was just floating there in the sea all the time we were there and then we got to the car and left both amazed at the two occurrences we had witnessed..."

Have you seen Prestatyn's White Lady?

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