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Basingwerk Abbey's ghosts

Basingwerk Abbey
Basingwerk Abbey has been the site of paranormal experiences by local people

Sheena Young
By Sheena Young
Medium Sheena explains the spooky goings-on at the atmospheric ruins of Holywell's Basingwerk Abbey

Myself and a team of research investigators from UK-Paranormal, Prestatyn, have visited the whole site on numerous occasions over the past year armed with an array of equipment, including night vision cams and super audio equipment.

And we have had some interesting results, although at this point lots more research and monitoring of the reported phenomena is definitely required.

Some people say that they can hear a train coming and have smelled its smoke

There has been reports from locals of dark shadowy figures being seen around the ruins of the abbey and of strange chanting sounds coming from near the abbey walls.

On one occasion two UKP researchers heard what sounded like soft chanting coming from one section of the abbey as they monitored the grounds, they were amazed at what they heard, though it only lasted a very short time.

We have also experienced something unusual show up on one of our infrared night cams which we are still researching and processing.

On a pathway heading from the abbey there have been reports of an unnerving presence

Reports of black shadowy figures have been seen on the old rail line at the back of the abbey just up from the bridge by several local people. Some people say that they can hear a train coming up the woods by the Arches in Holywell and have smelled its smoke.

A young boy of six years has reported seeing a 'colourful ghost' and he described it as being half way up the abbey wall where once the second floor would have been.

Apparently, the ghost had a variety of rainbow-type colours emanating from around him which seemed to gently glow.

Basingwerk Abbey
Basingwerk Abbey ruins

The abbey has a definite air of tranquillity and peace surrounding it but you cannot help that feeling of someone watching you.

On a pathway heading away but not far from the abbey, there have been many reports of a very unnerving presence having been felt, people have said they have become so frightened they have literally ran for their lives because they feel as if they are being hunted by something otherworldly!

Our team would be very interested to know if anyone has had similar experiences in or around Basingwerk Abbey.

John H, Liverpool: The only folklore story connected with the abbey is of a Rip Van Winkle-type sleeping monk! This is a watered down tale that connects the nearby Wats Dyke to the abbey to an exactly similar story to an area just off Wats Dyke much further out. Fortean Times also mentioned a strange animal in the shape of a bear in the 1950s-1960s."

Roy Wilcock, Manchester, another UK Paranormal investigator: "I have visited this location several times and have encountered numerous unexplained phenomena. From ghostly chanting of a solitary monk, to potential time slips in a particular area of the abbey. Future visits here will hopefully give some type of answers to what maybe going on in the area through the use of technical equipment, rational and logical theories and eye witness reports."

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