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Q & A with I Am Austin

A profile of Connah's Quay band I Am Austin who have won a place on a new TV show, Evo Music Rooms, to "find stars of tomorrow".

Who are I Am Austin?
I Am Austin
David Mitchell and Adam Hughes are both 24 from Connah's Quay

David Mitchell, vocals and drums

D.O.B: 10 November 1985

Early years: Brought up in Connah's Quay; attended Bryn Deva Primary; Connah's Quay High; Yale College, Wrexham; Glyndwr University, Wrexham.

Qualifications: National diploma and degree in film and photography.

Music: I have always been a performer; singing, dancing and acting from an early age. Started singing in the first band I was in when I was about 17, called Part Of The Queue, a five piece indie rock band.

Adam Hughes, bass

DOB: 1 February 1986

Early years: Brought up in Connah's Quay; went Venerable Edward Morgan School; St Richard Gwyn High.

Qualifications: Mechanic


"I started playing pretty late. I was 17. Everybody else was learning guitar. A few of us wanted to make a band so I started learning the bass just to be part of it.

"I had no sense of timing and it took me ages to get the hang of it. I almost gave up playing as I was so bad. But eventually I got the hang of it and ended up loving playing."

Define your sound

Dance | Rock | Future Blues

How did the group get together?

We were both previously in bands for a few years, played together a few times, then both our bands ended at the same time. Adam had always been a bassist, David was dabbling with some drums; we had a few jams, discovered something new and fresh and ran with it.

Describe each member in one word

DM's got soul & AH's the thinker!

What was the band's last feud about?

Probably about petrol money as we travel quite far for gigs up and down the country, not always paid. We just want to get out music out there, for the love of it.

What is the first gig you ever attended?

DM: First proper gig, Foo Fighters, although I went to watch the support act, The Strokes.

AH: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club supported by The Cooper Temple Clause at the Liverpool Academy. I still remember how I felt the bass in A.I.M - a TCTC song - through the whole of my body.

What is the first album you ever bought?

DM: Michael Jackson, Bad LP

AH: Blur by Blur. Mainly due to the fact that it had Song 2 on it and it was in the bargain bin in Woolworths.

Which band or artist would you compare yourself to?

DM: The obvious comparison is Death from Above 1979 and we're both huge fans. It was one of the things that drew us together as a band.

AH: Lightning Bolt (they play bass and drums and that's where the similarities end)

If you weren't a musician what would you be doing instead?

DM: I have a degree in film and photography, so probably something to do with that, working in a swanky post production company as an editor in Soho I would hope.

AH: I'm a qualified mechanic. I wouldn't want to do that for the rest of my life though.

How do your families feel about your music?

Both our families have put up with us playing music for years and years. They are just glad to see us doing something we love and getting recognition for all our hard work.

Outline a life-changing moment

DM: Going to drama school from a young age. It shaped me into the person I am today and I like that.

AH: Finding music. Bit of a rubbish answer, but without it I would be a different person.

Do you have connections with any celebrities or musicians?

DM: I share the same name as the comedian David Mitchell from Mitchell and Webb, that is all.

AH: My uncle knows Warrior from Gladiators!

Have you ever had a memorable encounter with a celebrity?

DM: When we were playing in Austria I saw Rick Edwards, the T4 presenter, bopping about. I shouted him over by yelling, "Hey T4 man, you got a minute?" He came over and was a pretty cool guy. I couldn't remember his name after it, so throughout the week when I saw him, I always shouted "T4 Man!"

AH: I once played snooker on the next table from Michael Owen.

Who is your all time musical inspiration?

DM: I know this might sound a bit cliché, but hands down, Michael Jackson. He was my reason for wanting to perform on stage and entertain. He was the best and I want to be the best that I can be.

AH: I like people or bands who can do a lot with very little.

What do you have to offer the music scene?

A fresh, exciting, musical rollercoaster of big beats and big bass and something that doesn't look and sound like everyone else.

What do you think of the music industry in the UK at the moment?

DM: There's plenty of ways to get your music out there, thanks to the power of the Internet, but there's too much of the same old thing, that's where we step in, we are different.

AH: Everyone just seems to like safe bands that all sound the same. Different sounding bands have to be pretty special to be given a chance. Then once they're in the limelight everybody else starts sounding like them.




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