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Sidoli's ice cream parlour celebrates 100 years in Rhyl

Then... Sidoli's ice cream parlour
Then... Sidoli's ice cream parlour with Tranquillo Sidoli (right), son of the founder

A cafe and ice cream parlour is celebrating being in the same family for a century in Rhyl.

Sidoli's, Wellington Street, was started in 1910 by Italian immigrant Domenico Sidoli, the grandfather of the current owners.

Today, Dominic Sidoli runs the cafe and parlour with mother, Ida, and sister, Maria, retaining some of the shop's original features, such as an old coffee machine (pictured above), as curiosities for customers.

But what has changed over the years are ice cream flavours, according to Dominic.

"My grandparents would only have made vanilla ice cream. They made it like a custard with cornflour," he said.

"In the 1980s we introduced different flavours and now we serve vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, blackberry and rum and raisin, but vanilla is always the favourite!"

Now... Dominic, Ida and Maria Sidoli
Now... Dominic and sister, Maria, run Sidoli's with their mother, Ida

Ice cream was big business in the early days and the family ran three kiosks on Rhyl promenade, but that changed during the war years with a ban on ice cream.

"In 1939, when the war broke out, my grandfather and father were interned on the Isle of Man. Our ice cream kiosks were lost," explains Dominic.

"Fortunately, my grandfather had three daughters and they ran the cafe very successfully during the war years. The cafe was packed with soldiers drinking coffee."

After the war, ice cream was re-introduced.

"People were queuing outside - even blocking the doorways of neighbouring properties in order to buy some," said Mr Sidoli.

The cafe also enjoyed a boom time in the '50s and '60s when Rhyl was particularly busy and the business was open seven days a week from 10am to 10pm.

"Customers would come in the evening after going to the cinema and have a hot chocolate, Horlicks or Ovaltine before going home," said Mr Sidoli.

An exterior view of the original Sidoli shop frontage
An exterior view of the original Sidoli's shop frontage, Wellington Street, Rhyl

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