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A History of the World: Wrexham Lager

Wrexham Lager bottle

A BBC series, A History of the World, highlights Wrexham's claim to fame as the first place in the UK to sell chilled beer. That was in 1922, thanks to Wrexham Lager brewery

Last Orders, Abbott Street, Wrexham

The landlord of the former Cross Foxes, now the Last Orders, Abbott Street, had the idea to serve lager cold when the pub was bought by the brewery to sell its own range of beers to local customers

Wrexham Lager advert

Before then, 80 percent of the company's beer was exported, as this advert demonstrates - and shows the brewery's logo, an ace of cubs

Wrexham Lager bottle

Wrexham Lager also used an image of its distinctive red brick general office building, off Bradley Road, Wrexham, on some its beer bottles

The former Wrexham Lager offices

Today, the former Wrexham Lager office building is all that remains on the site of the brewery which is now a retail park

Wrexham Lager bottles

With thanks to Wrexham Museum and its Wrexham Lager memorabilia. Use the links (right) to find out about A History of the World, local breweries and to watch a short film about Wrexham Lager


A Wrexham Lager bottle, a stone hand axe and the Gold Cape Important local artefacts
They include a beer bottle, a prehistoric hand axe and more
Caergwrle Bowl, courtesy National Museum of Wales Caergwrle Bowl
A Bronze Age find on the site of a medieval castle
Gold Cape Mold's Gold Cape
The British Museum lists this relic as among its top artefacts
Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn Sir Watkin's legacy
Wrexham's Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn was a major patron of the arts
The former Wrexham Lager offices UK's first chilled beer
Wrexham has a claim to fame when it comes to cold beer


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