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Moel Famau's dancing ghost

John from Flint was the first to share his ghost sighting atop Moel Famau, near Mold, which has led to stories from others about their encounters on the hillside

Moel Famau
Moel Famau - where ramblers report sensing strange goings-on

John from Flint: "About five years ago my girlfriend and I walked up to the hill top at Moel Famau. We were the last people there as it was getting towards about 7.30-8pm. As we approached the steep hill just before the memorial we saw a young woman in a light blue dress dancing on it. We were surprised as it was very cold up there on top. But what surprised us most of all was that in less than one minute as we arrived and were standing on the top, the woman had completely vanished! I looked on all sides of the hill but there was no sign. To this day we believed that we saw a ghost."

Stella, Flintshire: "I saw an apparition up Moel Famau mountain of a soldier, dressed in war time clothing. He walked right past me. I said 'good morning', he didn't even look at me, as if I wasn't there. Even my dog took no notice. He was so grey and very thin. As I looked back a second later he was gone. This was about February time in the morning, about 10 o'clock."

Malcolm McGlynn, Cheshire: "My brother and I have spent many nights on Moel Famau and on one cold dusky evening when leaving the summit, the snow was deep and the ice was thick. We noticed a very tall man in dark clothing approaching the tower. It seemed odd because it was nearly dark and we were the last people to be seen. As we passed the man he said in a very deep and calming voice, Be very careful on your way down, and walked on across the summit. As we turned to see where he was going he had vanished out of sight, not a trace of anybody anywhere. To this day we can't explain what or who we had seen. But it left us both with deep thoughts and chills that are still with us today."

Amanda Swift - Pantymwyn, with views over Moel Famau: "My husband climbs Moel Famau weekly & often very early in darkness, although he hasn't seen anything ghostly he often reports a 'spooky' feeling. We are so lucky to live in this amazing place & there is a feeling of history in the air here, we often wonder what secrets the hills, rocks & caves could tell? We have collected some books from the Theatr Clwyd shop telling some ghost stories which were very interesting! The stories about River Alyn & bottles containing ghostly spirits were quite creepy - if anyone finds one don't open it!"

Gill Smith: "I live very near Moel Famau and I and many other locals have had many experiences of 'strange' happenings in the area. The land of the past is never far from the surface in this area. It's beautiful and full of history and I don't doubt for a minute that all sorts of 'things' happen in the cross-over between the then and now!"

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