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Ghost army on the march

Men dressed as Roman Centurions
Men dressed as Roman Centurions

Imagine being confronted by a 3,000-strong army of dead 17th century soldiers walking by.

Most frustrating is that although it was supposedly witnessed by half a dozen people, it took place in the 17th century and details today are sketchy. All that is known is that the army marched through Nant-y-Ffrith, a wooded valley at Bwlchgwyn, near Wrexham.

Local ghost story investigator Richard Holland, of Mold, says there are no explanations for the phantoms, no historical data to suggest an army had ever marched through the area, and yet the sight was witnessed for some time by several people.

The record was initially made by historian Robert Parry who said the spectacle was witnessed in September 1602.

Denbigh Roman Centurion

Lonely Denbigh Moors has been the subject of several strange goings-on, including UFO sightings, but folklore tells of a Roman Centurion who is said to walk the moors - and like all legends there is a twist...

For seeing the long-dead soldier is said to be the worst of omens as the witness can expect nothing less than death!

The centurion can apparently be seen in all his glory, including helmet and body armour. People think he may have died in the area during a battle as Romans had settled nearby in Chester or Deva as it was known centuries ago.

One of the sightings of the soldier involves a group of men who had been fishing on the moors and were returning to their vehicle. After being dumb-struck by the vision before them, and being local men who knew the legend, they were concerned at the prospect of one them facing doom.

Sure enough, folklore has it, that one of the men did soon meet his death.

And some time later a second group of people is also said to have fallen foul of the apparition when one of the group went on to meet a premature death after seeing the ghost, says expert ghost hunter Richard.

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