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Viking life on display in Aberdeen
Abandoned Norse site in Greenland
An abandoned Norse settlement in Greenland inspired the exhibition

An exhibition inspired by Viking life has opened in Aberdeen.

Exposure is a sound and light installation at Satrosphere and runs until 6 December.

Studies of soil samples dated up to one thousand years old at a Norse settlement in southern Greenland gave clues to the harsh life experienced by settlers at the time.

Dr Paul Adderley, environmental scientist at the University of Stirling, worked with composer Dr Michael Young of Goldsmiths, University of London.

Visual forensics

Dr Adderley, of the University of Stirling's School of Biological and Environmental Sciences and who collected the soil samples, said: "Our installation is a live computer-generated performance.

"We combine visual information gained from a forensic examination of soils from old settlements, with an understanding of how Greenland's environment has changed. The everyday farm life of the Viking settlers is used to create the synthesis of the sounds heard.

"Michael and I hope that the work will cause the audience to reflect on the nature of these past communities and the extremes of environment which were faced by Viking settlers who arrived in Greenland over a thousand years ago."

Dr Young, who set images of the samples to music, said: "This project is a completely innovative science/art collaboration. The installation brings together analytical photographs with environmental recordings, Saga readings and many other sound sources. The audio and visual components are re-shaped and presented in real-time, by a custom-designed computer system."

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