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Peace testimonial for the Quakers
Theo Sturges
Theo organises silent virgils every month

The Quakers are known for their focus on stillness, tolerance and peace.

There are 25,000 Quakers in the UK, who believe that it is possible to have a direct experience of God without priests or rituals.

Peace is an important feature in their beliefs and in 2009 the Northampton branch will be marking it with a series of events.

Theo Sturge and Ray Hainton explain the different ways in which they try set an example of peace.

Theo Sturges - Peace Virgils

My father was a conscientious objector in WW2. He was totally unwilling to kill.

He did not talk about it very much, but as a young teenager I remember being in a town centre somewhere away from home and there was a silent Quaker peace vigil taking place.

He told me to go off on my own, and I can still see him quietly slipping into the line of Quakers.

Most of my adult life I have been involved with peace vigils, my speciality is getting everything together so we have all the posters to put up.

These days I prepare the posters for the Monthly vigil on the first Saturday of each month in Abington Street, Northampton. We aim to provoke thought.

Ray Hainton - Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, 1980-2009

A weekend school at Woodbrooke, in 1980, opened my eyes to the full horror of nuclear weapons and the cruise missiles about

to arrive in Britain. I have been working for CND ever since. I set up the Tavistock Peace Action Group in 1980.

We collected signatures for the World Disarmament Campaign and in 1982.

I attended the Second Special Session of the United Nations on Disarmament in New York.

Ray (right) with her fellow campaigners
Ray has dedicated decades to campaign fro nuclear disarmament

Public opinion

In December 1982 I joined 30,000 women who 'embraced the base' at Greenham Common, protesting against cruise missiles.

I went on journeys to the Soviet Union, organised by Quakers, to meet Russian peace workers.

In 2000 I joined the blockade of Aldermaston, where nuclear warheads are made, and was arrested.

I think public opinion is turning towards total abolition of nuclear weapons.

Quakers in Northampton

Meeting for worship is held every Sunday at 10.30. All welcome.

To contact the Quakers by writing to:

Northampton Friends Meeting House,

Wellington Street,



Or call 01604 717929




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