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UK's youngest publishers in Corby
Sean Spooner and Louis Porter
Sean Spooner (L) and Louis Porter (R) have won an award for their magazine

Two Northamptonshire teenagers have been recognised with an award for becoming the UK's youngest publishers.

Sean Spooner and Louis Porter from Corby, launched their very own publication called the Corby Magazine.

"Louis and I wanted to try our hand at a business project. We realised there was a gap in the market for a local magazine so thought we'd start one of our own," says Sean.

Within months of launching the magazine they won the award.

"It's a fantastic feeling when each new edition is printed and a huge thrill to see people reading our magazine," enthused Sean.

Corby Magazine is a magazine for Corby, featuring local events, news and competitions.

Sean and Louis found out they were the youngest publishers in the UK and possibly the world through an interview with an American website.

The Corby Magazine
The Corby Magazine is published quarterly by the teens

"During the interview we discovered an American girl named Savannah Britt had been named the world's youngest magazine publisher at the age of 15," said Sean.

Louis and I are just 14, so the website editor informed us we'd pipped Savannah's record and are proud to bring it home to Corby."

Sean is the editor-in-chief and Louis is the sales and business director.

The magazine is free and all the money made from it is through advertisements.

Louis has the tough task of persuading local businesses to part with their cash for advertising space.

"It was really tough selling advertising for issue one when the magazine was just a dream," said Louis

You could see advertisers thinking, 'should I hand over my money to a fourteen year old kid?' Now seeing what we can do, they know we can deliver."

The magazine currently has a readership of around 5,000 - but the boys' vision is to have a copy delivered to all 25,000 homes in Corby.

"We currently distribute to local businesses, doctors, dentists and hairdressers to keep the readership up and print costs down," said Louis.

Our ambition is to see the Corby Magazine in every home, every shop and every local business in the borough."

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