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World's largest ear comes to Northamptonshire
World's Largest Ear
This is the world's largest constructed ear being shown in Northamptonshire

The Bionic Ear Show is set to make some noise in Northamptonshire as the "World's Largest Ear" visits schools in the county.

Pupils in Wellingborough and Geddington will get to see a model ear which is over 22ft (6.7m) long and 116 times the size of a human ear.

Its aim is to highlight the many different parts to an ear.

The show is also looking to raise awareness of the dangers that many people are exposing their hearing to.

MP3 Players

Demonstrations will reveal what it sounds like to have high frequency hearing loss.

This is most commonly caused by exposure to very loud music or sounds.

MP3 players can also cause this damage if the volume control is not used correctly.

Games like "Guess that tune" allow students to appreciate how easy or hard it is for people with cochlear hearing implants to recognise familiar music.

The idea for the Bionic Ear Road show came from the national Charity Deafness Research UK.

World's Largest Ear
This 22ft long model of the inside of a human ear shows how it all works

Vivienne Michael, chief executive of Deafness Research UK, thinks it's important to teach children about hearing issues from a young age.

"While the revolution in MP3 and phone technology has given us the benefit of music on the move, an unwelcome side effect is that we are pumping up the volume into our ears and at a far earlier age than ever before," said Vivienne.

Vivienne also believes this will cause deafness at a faster rate: "The fear is many of us are unwittingly downloading deafness and playing music at such high volume that we risk permanent deafness and tinnitus sooner than would be expected simply as a result of old age."

Throughout the interactive demonstration, pupils learn how the ear works, what can go wrong and what can be done to put things right.

Teachers around Northamptonshire are looking forward to the event.

If you would like to learn more about the ear visit the Deafness Research UK website.

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