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In pictures: Your images of snow

A picture of Kislingbury.

A picture of Kislingbury on 6 January taken by Gerry Crawford. Email your pictures to northamptonshire@bbc.co.uk

Rupert the bear in Roade

Andy Johnson from Roade sent in this picture of Rupert the Bear

Enjoying the warmth of a lovely fire.

Carol and Paul's dog (they didn't tell us his name) chose the best spot in the room. He opted not to go for a walk!

A snowy Towcester town centre early in the morning.

The town hall in Towcester early in the morning taken by BBC Northampton journalist Carroll Weston.

Pip the Cairn Terrier in Far Cotton.

Sara from Far Cotton sent in this picture of her Cairn Terrier Pip. He loves the snow! Email northamptonshire@bbc.co.uk with your pictures

Red phone box covered in snow.

Red phone box covered in snow. Picture taken by Caroll Weston. Send in your pictures to northamptonshire@bbc.co.uk

An Igloo with two children.

Probably the biggest Igloo on the Northants/Oxon border! Picture taken by Geoff Doyle.

A hen in the snow.

Garfield the buff Orpington hen in the snow taken by Kate.

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