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Stahl Theatre in Oundle is 30 years old
Stahl Theatre, Oundle
The Stahl Theatre shows plays, musicals, comedy and dance

The 30th anniversary season at Oundle's Stahl Theatre is under way.

The 264-seat venue was created in a disused Congregational Church chapel on West Street.

The theatre is owned by Oundle School but hosts around 15 visiting professional theatre companies each year.

The theatre's director Alastair Boag said that in these "uncertain times" its birthday season is "resolute in the face of so much despondency".


Stahl Theatre auditorium
The intimate auditorium has 264 seats

The privately-run school converted the chapel into a theatre in 1980 after receiving a legacy.

Ronald Stahl, a US citizen, had spent a year in Oundle in 1900. He died in 1974.

Alastair Boag acknowledges that the Stahl Theatre is fortunate to be owned by the school, bringing it financial stability compared to publically-funded venues.

"Cuts are on the way, events are unpredictable, known and unknown 'threats' are the stuff of many media stories," he said.

He added that it is important that other theatres are financially supported by the country: "It's an important part of the health of the nation."

The theatre's anniversary, he said, is worth celebrating: "Thirty years of live and, I hope, excellent and varied theatre has happened in this building."

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