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Help shape Northamptonshire's music family tree!
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Who makes up Northampton's music family tree?

Music fans are being invited to help document Northampton's music scene through a new feature on the Weekender.

'The Tree', as Ally and Tash have called it, is a weekly feature aiming to map out the connections between bands and other artists in Northamptonshire's music scene.

Listeners were invited to nominate a band to start the project, and can select a follow-on band or track each week. This page will be updated weekly so keep checking back to watch the family tree 'grow'!

Details of how to get involved below, get in touch with who you think should be next and you never know, your suggestion might be included on the show.


1. Think of a Northamptonshire band OR a song by a Northamptonshire band that links to last week's - listen again here to find out the most recent band in The Tree.

2. Email your suggestion to weekender@bbc.co.uk with your name and a brief explanation of the link and any interesting titbits you might want to include!

3. The Tree will then 'grow' week by week as people suggest another local band or song that links with the previous one.

4. Listen every week and submit your suggestions for the next 'branch' in the Tree by emailing weekender@bbc.co.uk !

There's no limits to how many times you can nominate people as long as it always links up.

Here's how it's going so far:


19 March
Northampton band Bruises
Northampton band Bruises

ARTIST: Bruises

TRACK: This Song


Matt 'Shaggy' Marchant chose the first 'branch' in The Tree.

26 March
Northampton band One Toy Soldier sat on a sofa
One Toy Soldier

ARTIST: One Toy Soldier

TRACK: Needles the Miracle Boy


Owen Reed from the New Cassettes said: "Lee from Bruises lent me his guitar the other day to use at Big Noise rehearsal studios. We used to share a room with Maps, who shared a tour bus and van driver with us and TANAOU. New Cassettes played a gig at the Soundhaus with TANAOU which is where i saw Brendan Benson play live. Afterwards I met Brendan Benson at a house party hosted by some of Medium 21. Craig from M21 was in a band called Fuzo, he left so I played bass instead alongside Richard Peter Snapes who was also One Toy soldier. So can you play Needles the Miracle Boy?"

9 April

ARTIST: Magic Skool Bus

TRACK: Kickin' Doors


Sam Croasdale emailed the Weekender to say: "One of One Toy Soldier's members was Richard Peter Snapes, and Matt King plays in Ric's new band The Lie Awakes. Matt also plays in An Escape Plan, which also features Jaime, Nic and Kate from TANAOU. TANAOU were the last band to ever play at The Soundhaus, and on that night Magic Skool Bus played too so can you play Ninjacore by Magic Skool Bus please? I hope that is convoluted enough."

16 April
Picture of the band Bauhaus
Bauhaus photographed for Top of the Pops, 1983

ARTIST: Bauhaus

TRACK: Kick in the Eye


Within MINUTES of the end of last week's show good old Kev AKA Zallaz messaged the Weekender on Facebook with this: "So following on from Kick thingy by Magic Skool Bus - go to 'Kick in the Eye' by Bauhaus. Easy, job done!"

30 April

ARTIST: Pat Fish

TRACK: Nature Boy


Gary who organises beat couture at the Bantam emailed to request anything by Pat Fish: "I don't think you can have enough obscure references. Ex-Bauhaus bassist David J played in the Jazz Butcher band. That's the most logical link. So you could play 'Walk with the Devil', he plays on that." NB: We didn't have that track so we played a live track recorded exclusively for the Weekender.

Who comes next? You decide! Send your suggestions by following the instructions above.


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