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Your tributes: BBC Radio Norfolk's Roy Waller - page 4
Roy Waller
Roy Waller was the voice of football on BBC Radio Norfolk for many years

Roy Waller, one of the best-loved voices on BBC Radio Norfolk, has died in hospital aged 69.

Roy Waller began presenting on BBC Radio Norfolk in the 1980s and during his time at the station made many friends both off and on-air.

He was the voice of football for many years as well as presenting his daytime programme and country music show.

BBC Norfolk has been inundated with messages of condolence from people whose lives he touched.

Spent many, many years listening to Roy commentating on the football on a Saturday. If NCFC had a bad day I would give him so much stick on a Monday morning - he truly thought I was an Ipswich fan. Although we had a special relationship through our text messages and talks together, I never did tell him that I supported NCFC and will do so forever!

Roy brought so much fun and laughter to everyone - he very often brought tears to my eyes with his quick wit and humour.

You may be gone Roy but you will never be forgotten as you hold a special place in my heart.
Kevan from Terrington St Clement

A very sad day for us all, but like Roy would always say, remember the good times. We only knew Roy through country music, but we surely all have a lifetime of memories he left behind. Condolences to Sylvia and all the family he left behind.
Jean and Cecil Cutting from Cromer

We didn't know Roy personally but it feels like losing a friend. Our thoughts go out to his family.
Val Gregory from Great Yarmouth

I will treasure the memories I have of Roy, when he used to come and have a cup of tea in my kitchen at Carrow Road before the beginning of a match.

He never knew my name but always called me Mummy, which I still get called today. He always told a joke or two and was eager for new material especially when former assistant coach Steve Foley contributed his sometimes rather naughty ones, which Roy would always laugh at but say, "Cover your ears".

Roy was a true gentleman and the corridors of NCFC will still ring with the sound of "Have you got the kettle on, Mummy?" Rest in peace, Roy.
Jill and family from Norwich

A true gentleman and Mr Norwich City. So sadly missed by all.
Keith and Margaret from Norwich

We will certainly miss your wonderful dulcet tones and your jokes. We hope that you will be guiding your beloved NCFC from your place upstairs. We will also miss you at the Froggie concerts at Gorleston. You were as much part of the show as Froggie and the band. We send deepest condolences to Sylvie and the rest of your family. God Bless.
Karl, Ann and Barrie Layton from Great Yarmouth

Norfolk has lost a legend. Perhaps Norwich City can put him in there hall of fame as a tribute?
Stuart Mingay from Harleston

Many happy memories of Roy's commentary and radio show - will be dearly missed by all in Norfolk. Rest in Peace Roy.
On The Ball City!
Sam from Norfolk

So very sad to hear of Roy's death today. My beloved husband died in December 1994. It was during the first time I had ever tuned in to Radio Norfolk in April 1995, on one of Roy's broadcasts that he made me really laugh for the first time in months. After that, of course, he became a regular voice in my home and I never failed to enjoy whatever he was doing.

He WAS Radio Norfolk for me and I always enjoyed his memories of childhood and Norwich from years ago. In spite of him always being in his 'thirties', I always felt we were more or less born at the same time - I shall be 69 next month!

Always a joy to listen to and a first-class entertainer. I know I'm not alone is saying I've missed him over the past months, for his wit, his kindness and fun.

My deepest sympathy to Sylvie, Roy's mum and all the family.
Judith Cavey from Old Catton

As a singer and entertainer, Roy was always there to help me out over the years, getting me to perform live over the airwaves singing live many times on his outside broadcasts. Roy liked me doing be-bop-a-lu-la, he loved his rock 'n' roll and country. Lots of love to his wife and family, and thanks Roy for some great times.
Mel Stevens from Burgh Castle

Sorry to hear of Roy's passing - he's a true legend of broadcasting. Top geezer as we say in the old capital.
Pat Tynan from Ickworth

I wish to add my condolences to Roy's friends and family following today's sad news. I used to look forward to meeting up with Roy every time I covered a Norwich City match; and treasure particularly memories of a post-match interview that Roy and I jointly did (he for Radio Norfolk, me for 5 Live) with Malky MacKay in the tunnel just after full-time following a Norwich win over Stockport a few seasons back which saw the Canaries into the play-offs.

Roy was always a gentleman and I am proud to say that I knew him.
John Roder, BBC Match of the Day commentator

Just a minute spent reading other tributes makes it clear how much Roy is held in high esteem and affection by all his friends and listeners - who are one and the same really!

How I have loved Roy's commentaries and how wonderful they are to listen to. I hope my late Dad and loads of other Canaries are with you, Roy, mulling over City's greatest XI.

Bless you and much love to your family.
Lee Shepherd, born in West Runton now living in East Sussex

RIP Roy. Condolences to Sylvie and family. Always remembering the good times.
Sue Lee from North Wootton

Our heartfelt sympathies go out to Roy's family. Roy was a true gent - only met him at country music festivals, but he was a true person and loved his work: country music, his beloved football but most of all his family. Goodbye Roy, happy trails.
Mark Neal aka Dusty Tombstone Western Show Team from Boston

I will miss Roy for the lovely commentaries he did for Norwich city. I came to the Lord Mayor's show two years ago. I have got a lovely picture of him. I was shocked to hear of Roy's passing. I enjoyed listening to him on Radio Norfolk.
Ruth Langley from Diss

A great loss of a great man. I will remember his commentaries with total fondness. No one will come close to how he did it. My thoughts are ultimately with his family. R.I.P.
Jamie from Watton

Roy was a man I looked up to both professionally and personally. One of the biggest honours of all, in my early days at Radio Norfolk, was being asked to stand in for Roy when he was on holiday, or travelling to away matches. Tea for Three was the big programme people talked and cared about, and I cherished the chance to follow in Roy's footsteps.

Roy loved Radio Norfolk through and through, even to the extent of manning reception at Norfolk Tower when Heather or Sandie (our then receptionists) needed a break. I used to love seeing the look on people's faces when they realised they were being greeted by the station's biggest star.

Behind the scenes in more recent years, Roy and I would begin most working days with a cup of tea, a good gossip and a good laugh. He was a firm friend, and it just won't be the same without him.
Graham Barnard from BBC Radio Norfolk

Sad news indeed. Lovely memories of a much-loved man live, on even though we have moved to another county. He kept his show going sensitively even at the worst of times on 9/11 and, in happier times, his humour came shining through. God bless you, Roy.
Faith Vincent from Terrington St Clement (now Somerset)

Roy was Mr Norwich City. His football commentaries were very special. When I worked there as a fire steward - he was very nice to speak to. He will be missed by a lot of people.
Keith Howlett from Mattishall

What a star and what a loss. He was the AA man with the traffic in my first stint at Norfie, and a big name 20 years later when I came back. Unstinting in his help for me as an awful sports presenter, frequently making me late for breakfast bulletins as we sat laughing at his desk and doing Robert Chase impressions. Genuinely funny, genuine bloke. A really sad sad day. Bless you Roy.
Nik Coleman

Was deeply shocked with the sad news, You will be sadly missed on the country music scene and radio shows. Our thoughts are with Sylvie and family.
Nashville Numbers Band

Well, what a sad day but to hear all the tributes to Roy and his family is no more than you would expect for such a popular man. How well all the staff have done at this sad time. I still remember when he used to do his wind-ups and he caught a very dear friend of ours called Snowy, it was hilarious.

I suppose i had better take the sticker out of my car - 'I'm not daft I'm listening to Roy Waller'. Such fond memories of a very dear man. We have been listening to Radio Norfolk since 1980, soooooooo keep up the great work. Our thoughts are with Roy's family. R.I.P.Roy.
Jean and Derek from Starston

Roy, your passing has brought together all your colleagues and listeners in our love for you. Our collective arms are around your family. We will all miss you so much. Rest in peace.
Judy from Sharrington

I was listening to Roy's country music show a few years and I heard a song I loved but didn't know who they were. I telephoned and got Roy - he told me it was Cardy and Coke, he said if you send me a tape I will record it for you, I never expected him to do so, but it returned in the post recorded.

I will always remember that I was nobody to him and he didn't know me, but I was so surprised he took the trouble to do it.

Could you play a Cardy and Coke track please in remembrance of him? Thank you.
Wendy Stenning from Colkirk

Many years ago I was a jambuster with BBC Norfolk and I met many of the station staff including Roy at All Saints Green.

He invited myself and my then six-year-old daughter Laura onto his afternoon programme - she was thrilled at the prospect. He made sure she had a wonderful time, sat her on his knee and let her operate the fader to start the news jingle and most importantly say hello to mummy.

At the end of the afternoon Roy and Sylvie gave my daughter numerous presents to cap what was a wonderful afternoon.

He was a thourougly decent, nice and above all caring man whose death gave this 23-stone 53-year-old quite a lump in the throat this morning.
God bless Roy and all his family.
Patrick Dent

I used to work in the Norfolk area for seven years and always tuned into Roy's programme. He was a true gent with a great sense of humour and Roy always had the time for everyone that called into his radio programmes, plus his leg pulling at the traffic announcers. Will be greatly missed.
Doug from Nedging Hye

Such very sad news - I always listened to Roy when I was able, but didn't get the chance nearly enough times. About 10 years ago I had an accident and spent five or six weeks off work. Listening to Roy and Sylvie in the afternoon really helped take my mind off the pain and get through it. Roy will be very much missed - deepest sympathy to his family and work colleagues.
Henry from Ramsey

Even though I never met him I felt that I knew him though listening to him on the radio. He will be sadly missed.
Will Townsend from Thetford

We have lost a true gentleman, Roy was always there for everyone. I have had the honour of dining with Roy and Sylvie at a mutual friend's party that was a surprise for her and like the rest of us he and Sylvie hid next to the toilet until the party girl arrived! I've been missing his jolly banter on the radio, now it is gone forever. My condolences to Sylvie and the family.
Val Ong from Surlingham

I was civic attendant to Roy and Sylvie during his year as sheriff. Our relationship soon turned to friendship for which I and my wife Maureen are extremely grateful. The year brought some hilarious moments. Someone said I should write a book and I thought, good idea but who would believe it! Thanks for everything Roy, but most of all for being my friend. God Bless.
Gavin from Norwich

We have all missed Roy since his illness and our thoughts are with his family.
Sue Birrell from Bowthorpe

I'll always remember the first time Roy phoned us during his afternoon programme.

At the request of a friend, in the 1980s he phoned to congratulate us on our 30th wedding anniversary. By mistake he said third anniversary and then added 'Sorry' and said he hoped our children weren't listening! Typical Roy remark!

Very fondly remembered by our family and friends. Our condolences to Sylvie and his family.
Hilary Childs from Caister-on-Sea

We first heard Roy in the early eighties when we used to come to Norfolk from Bournemouth every year for a boating holiday. We moved to Norfolk in 1986, and have listened to Radio Norfolk ever since, even though we now live in Cambridgeshire.

To us, Roy was Radio Norfolk. His cheeky humour, sense of fun and enormous talent lightened our lives on many occasions and he will be sorely missed. Norfolk has lost one of her sons.

Our love and sympathy goes to Sylvie, his family and all his colleagues at Radio Norfolk. Rest in peace Roy. God Bless.
Roger and Wendy Goldsack from Tydd St Giles

You will be very sadly missed. You were loved by everyone. Love to Sylvia and family.
Angela from Norwich

Well, what a shock when I tuned into Radio Norfolk this afternoon to hear the news that Roy Waller had died. My memories of Roy go back 15 years or so and back to Norfolk Tower on Surrey Street. I have always been into amateur theatre and for many years would pop in to see Roy and Sylvie to advertise the latest show. He was always so chatty and interested in what I had to say.

A few years later I came up on work experience and was thrilled to spend the day with Roy. He even got me involved in a crank call. "Can you do accents?" he asked me as a record was about to finish and in the two seconds that I had to respond I said "Yes". The next 10 minutes were spend winding up a lady on the telephone as I pretended to be and Australian looking for B&B!

It was great fun and in later years I got to know Roy and Sylvie a little better as I joined the station full-time and used to sit on the next desk. The games of cricket in the office and the terrible jokes all come flooding back!

Ten years elapsed and I still popped into the station to promote, wax lyrical or present and I would often bump into Roy and he would always say hello.

It is strange when someone who became so associated with the BBC and indeed the county is no longer with us but I am sure he wouldn't have wanted us to be sad but only to remember with great fondness the nonsense he peddled on the radio every afternoon at around teatime.

Whether you liked his style or not there is no denying that he made a huge impact and will forever be associated with BBC Radio Norfolk. My thoughts are with Sylvie and the family at this very sad time.
Tom Clarke from King's Lynn

Dear Roy will be sadly missed but always remembered, especially for his support and enthusiasm when presenting some of the now legendary Golden Years concerts at the UEA. He had good things to say about the acts and was always kind and considerate with his interviews.

Our sincere condolences to Sylvie and family and also to his Radio Norfolk 'family'. May you find comfort in your memories of happy times spent with Roy.
Stewie and Anne McIntosh from Norwich

A great presenter, an icon, a legend. I along with many others will miss your cheery sense of humour and your presence on my wireless. Condolences to Sylvie and family. Requiesat in Pace Roy. You will be missed.
Freddie Harris from Thorpe Hamlet

We met Roy on many occasions - his humour and sense of fun were a delight. He brought so much joy to so many people through his various programmes and will be much missed. Love to Sylvie and family.
Dorothy and Peter Harris from North Wootton

I had not heard of Roy until we bought a static caravan in Norfolk - we really knew we were back in Norfolk when we heard his voice on a Friday afternoon doing his show, which always brought a smile to our face and made the latter part of our journey from Northampton so much more enjoyable.

We couldn't wait until we reached the Suffolk borders when we could tune in to him. In fact one of the reasons we moved here permanently was because of him and Radio Norfolk which was so much better than the one in Northampton.

I feel very sad that I will not be able to listen to him any more and have missed his voice terribly since he has been unable to do his programme. Please pass on my condolences to his family.
Diane Goss from North Walsham

Today we have lost the best Son Of Norfolk and my Norfolk ensign is flying at half mast. For me, Roy was the heart and soul of Norfolk that always accompanied me in my travels away from our great county. My sincere condolences to Roy's family.
Tim, Sailing Yacht Missee Mollie, Horta, The Azores

I got to know Roy when I worked on the Action Desk at Radio Norfolk. A genuinely nice person, always a laugh & a kind word. Fondest memory: Roy & Andy Archer playing cricket in the office at Surrey Street, (during lunch break of course), whilst we tried to answer the phone and duck under the flying ball. Rest easy old partner. Condolences to Sylvie.
Ken Read from Caister

A truely lovely, sincere man, always had time for everyone. We will treasure the times Roy & Sylvie shared with us at Park House. Roy certainly made the world a happier place. Our thoughts are with Sylvie and family
Stephe Tyers from Park House, Sandringham

What sad news. I loved to listen to Roy on Radio Norfolk, especially Saturday afternoon football. He brought home to me everything I remembered about my early life in Norfolk. He will be missed.
Michael Roberts from Cambridge

Irreplaceable. As a listener back in the late 80s and onward, I laughed along with the lunacy and the humour. He made you feel like he knew you were there - and even though my work was boring and apart from the money, unrewarding, among many people I had very little in common - he made it manageable. He basically kept me going, along with Keith Skipper's Dinnertime Show, both were undeniably Norfolk but the laughs and sentiments were 100% appreciated by myself, THANK YOU Roy!
Bob from Boston, Lincolnshire

A lovely man and a hard act to follow. He will be missed by everyone that new him. I have a lovely photo with him at Mundesley Festival a number of years ago and this will be a great keepsake. So pleased to have meet Roy, he was a special man.
Ann Paynter from North Walsham

How sad to learn of Roy's death. I met him early on in my time here at BBC Suffolk when he presented his afternoon show from HMS Norfolk which was docked in Ipswich. At the time I was a newly-trained and not very experienced radio car user who happened to be free so I was sent down to the docks with the car to meet Roy and provide him with his OB link for the show.

Getting radio signals back to the car from inside a steel ship was difficult to say the least, but, in that short encounter Roy impressed me so much. He was a charming and funny man who took everything in his stride and made it seamlessly into a very professional, yet fun, programme.

RIP Roy and my condolences to Sylvie and his family.
David Whiting from Ipswich

As a city fan who grew up in the '90s, Roy was the soundtrack. An incredible character who'll be sorely missed. A place in the NCFC hall of fame would be more than deserved.

Condolences to all his family and friends.
Sam McDonnell from Lincoln

I will always treasure the moment I got to sit in on a show with him on work experience. He had a cheeky humour that only he could get away with. I grew up for all of my 21 years listening to Roy - he was a true inspiration.
Jono Read from Holt

This is a very sad day for country music fans, but we must do as Roy always said; just remember the good times which were many with Roy. Love to his wife Sylvie and the rest of his family.
Diane Rachel and Mary Green from Metfield

Goodbye to one of Norfolk's favourites sons.

RIP Roy - you will forever have a bird's eye view of Carrow Road.
Greg Soanes from Hellesdon

A great character, have missed him so much since he went. May he rest in peace.
Heather Kenny from East Harling

Roy, miss your smile and hugs each time I saw you. Rest in peace.
Rosemary Groom from Norwich

A gentleman who was so in tune with his Norfolk audience. He will be greatly missed. The end of an era.
Graham from Martham

Some people go through life leaving little behind. Others go through life leaving happiness, warmth and love. Roy Waller was one of these people.
Alison Ingram from Dersingham

My sincere condolences go out to Sylvie and all of Roy's family over their sad loss.

I shall always remember Roy as the consummate Professional who was the voice of football in Norfolk and had the wonderful ability to describe a match as if he was talking to a blind man who once could see. He brought the match to life for me.

In my time at Norwich City he was extremely helpful and will be sadly missed by football folk as well as well as all his other admirers.
Tim Sheppard from Norwich

He made football fun to listen to. Will be sadly missed by his radio fans. Love to Sylvie, Lynda and family.
Trish from Norwich

We won a raffle prize at one of the country music festivals that Roy was doing and we choose a day at Radio Norfolk with the chance to sit in on Roy's program. It was a lovely day and at the end he gave us a tin of his tea.
Gwen and Richard Hall from Thetford

This is a sad day for Norfolk, the county has lost one of it's greatest, he will be missed by so many, from all walks of life. He had a special way with everyone from children to OAPs. He could make laugh when I felt down and I will miss him greatly.

My heart goes out to his wife and family, God Bless them and keep them safe.
Roy from Downham Market

My granddad was a great man - loving, caring, and always made people smile. He will be missed dearly by all family and friends. He has touched the hearts of so many people over the years. Miss you lots!
Daniel Massingham (Roy's Grandson) from Norwich

What a unique broadcaster and an absolute legend. I was lucky enough to know Roy for 20 years and can truly say he was one of a kind.

I'll miss his on air and off air banter with me about the East Anglian derby but I'm sure he'll be looking down at events at his beloved Carrow Road this season.
Mark Murphy from Ipswich

It was thirty years ago, almost to the day, that Roy first appeared in the then Radio Norfolk offices at Norfolk Tower.

As our budding football commentator while still working for the AA, he became part of our weekend production team, which included Rob Bonnet, Bob Ledwidge and myself.

I have so many fond memories of him, from our trip to Wembley to present the programme when Norwich City won the Milk Cup, to the last time we met, when he had somehow persuaded the BBC to let him record some programmes in Spain.

Roy was a one off and no words are sufficient to express the loss. My thought are with Sylvie and the wider family.
Mike Souter from Loddon

I have listened to Roy on the radio for many years and feel very sad for his family, friends and colleagues - big hugs and kisses to you all. A man that will be sorely missed. God Bless.
Tricia from Norwich

Very sad day for Radio Norfolk. I would like to pass on my condolences to the Waller Family. Roy will be sadly missed.
Wendy from Norwich

About 15 or so years ago as Head Teacher at Reedham School, I took a group of children to Radio Norfolk. I had previously contacted Roy Waller and he gave us every encouragement to visit and sing the song which they had written entitled '5 Days a Week'... describing their week at school.

They had played various instruments as backing and Roy was so obviously and genuinely delighted with their effort that he played it on air while they were present... Wow!

I've never forgotten it and I'm sure the 'children', now adults, haven't either. Thank you Roy.

This, I think, sums up the man... genuine, straight and a people lover with loads of fun tying it all together... and a lovely voice.
Evelyn Walker from Barford

Roy Waller's voice was the first voice we heard on Radio Norfolk when we arrived in Norfolk many years ago and we have been firm fans since - of all his shows.

We are so sad to hear of his death. He is and was Norfolk and his family are in our thoughts at this very sad time. We will always remember him.
Cath and Ken Godfrey from King's Lynn

A sad day for all who knew Roy and loved him. Happy, funny memories of the radio quizzes, the phone call to my daughter on her fourth birthday (she will be 27 in a couple of weeks), watching him compere at Princes Theatre and the interval meetings for a short chat with him and Sylvie at the Ipswich Regent when Daniel was on.

A nice man, a funny man, a gentleman. My thoughts are with Sylvie, his dear mum and all his family and friends.
Anne Playford from Sculthorpe

I had the pleasure of working with Roy on his programme at BBC Radio Norfolk - he was a true inspiration to work with and he quickly became a friend, not just a colleague.

There are very happy memories all the way for me and one of the funniest was at the Royal Norfolk Show in 2004 when Roy was presenting his show via a golf buggy. In our haste to get around the showground we were told off for "speeding" by one of the officials (we were doing about 5mph) and of course this became a humorous theme for the rest of the programme!

Roy was an amazing person, nothing was too much trouble. He would always support you and he had the amazing ability to motivate everyone around him and put a big smile on your face.

Roy Waller on the radio was Roy Waller the real person - even if you never met him you will have known Roy as he shared his life with the listeners through the Norfolk airwaves.

I moved to BBC Radio Northampton in 2005 and I've kept in touch with Roy and his wife Sylvie ever since - he was an amazing person, a true friend and will be greatly missed.
Ian Brown from Northampton

A really nice man, always ready for a chat. Been on his shows for his music quizzes, loved them. Loved his football chats, he was to me Mr Norwich.

Miss you mate, will never forget you. Lots of love to you looking down on us right now.
Ian Charlesworth from Norwich

RIP Roy and condolences to his family.

His humour was akin to mine. He made me laugh.
David Atkinson from Fincham

It's with great regret knowing that Roy has died. Condolences to Sylvia and family.

My late wife Margaret was an ardent fan and Roy kept her amused over the years. Barely a week would pass without her ringing the programme. He would always ask how's Ken.

As Margaret's health and mobility got worse, so did our trips to Norwich. Our first stop was always at Surrey Street where Roy would make and spend time with us in reception.

He was a great family friend. He visited her in hospital two or three times, one time his visit was outside normal visiting hours. When approached by staff his reply was "don't you know who I am?". After learning of Margaret's death, he broadcast a wonderful tribute over the airways.

My thought are with you and Sylvie - God Bless.
Ken Saunders from Thurton

Roy was a former commentator for the Hospital Sports Commentary Service and gave his time freely to bring full match commentary to patients.

He was always eager to support Hospital Radio Norwich and HRN was more than happy to visit and play his favourite country tracks whilst he was in the N and N Hospital.

You will be so sadly missed Roy, ever the entertainer and ever the gentleman. God Bless.
Hospital Radio Norwich

Our thoughts are with Sylvia and family. RIP Roy.
Eve from Heacham

I have listened to Radio Norfolk for over twenty years and I am saddened by Roy's death. It feels like I have lost a friend.

He brightened up dull days and was indeed the voice of the county. He kept me in touch with 'The Canaries'.

I have met him in King's Lynn and at the Royal Norfolk Show.

It will be a sad loss to the county and broadcasting, my sympathy to Sylvie and the family.
Michael Aldis from King's Lynn

A sad start to the day to hear of Roy Waller death. I am from the West Country and listened to Roy when I moved to Downham Market and continued to listen now I live in Holland.

He was truly one of the great broadcasters. I would like to pass on condolences to Roy's family. He will be greatly missed.
Patrick Murphy from Oostzaan, Holland

Our thoughts go out to the family.

Didn't know Roy personally, but like everyone else, felt you did. Listened to his Country shows on Rodeo Norfolk most Saturdays. Think his loss is on par with the loss of Princess Diana. Rest in peace Sir Roy Waller.

A very great loss to Norfolk.
Kevin and Jacqui Penty from Snettisham

We moved to Norfolk three years ago and found and enjoyed the Saturday morning country show. So sorry to hear that Roy has died - he sounded a lovely man.
Chris from Bedingham

A little piece of Norfolk has been lost.
Paul James from King's Lynn

We are so very sorry to hear about Roy's passing and wish to send our condolences to his family and friends. He came to my home many years ago to interview a chimney sweep and he was so unassuming and a lovely man.

I and my husband always listened to Rodeo Norfolk and enjoyed all the other things he did on the radio. He will be sadly missed and never forgotten.
Denise and Alan Pike from Swaffham

Roy was synonymous with Norwich City FC and the whole of Norfolk. After moving south across the border, his splendid, infectious humour and intellect made my Saturdays fun and exciting and highly enjoyable.

The times I'd sit here feeling as if I was back home in Norwich, the dulcet Norfolk tones drifting across the airwaves, recounting both the good and bad times at Carrow Road.

The man was a true gentleman. My sympathies to Roy's family for their loss, a loss that is shared by the people of Norwich, Norfolk and radio broadcasting as a whole.
Rob Puricelli from Mendlesham

I am so sad today. I never met Roy but I felt like he was a friend. He was like my uncle. He made me happy when I was sad but not today. He was the best. Please give my condolences to his family.
Adrian Rallison from Weeting

Very sad to hear the news. We only knew Roy through the country music connection. He would always give out details of our forthcoming club nights on Rodeo.

Condolences to Sylvie and family from both of us and all at Daniel's Footsteps Club.
Rodney and Wendy Scase from Oulton Broad

A sad day indeed for all of Norfolk.

Roy was a true gentleman, a special person, a kind and generous man and a good friend.

RIP mate, and thanks for the wonderful memories.
Neil Adams

Roy has been always part of my professional musical career. Since my first radio broadcast with my sister Hayley in 1977 until last year when I was touring in the UK with my band, he was always supportive and helpful.

On behalf of the Moyses family we offer our sincere condolences to his family and friends.
Sean Moyses from Wassenberg, Germany

Such a sad sad day for Norfolk folk everywhere today. Listening to Norwich matches on a Saturday afternoon will never be the same again.

Roy Waller, you'll be sadly missed.
Gemma from North Walsham

I used to listen to Roy's country music show in the car whilst travelling up to Norwich to watch the football. He was a real gentleman and will be sadly missed. My thoughts go out to his family at this sad time.
Jan Williamson from Felixstowe

Roy represented to us, incomers to this wonderful County of Norfolk, all that was best and warmest in the true spirit of native Norfolk people.

He will be sadly missed by all who hold this county dear to their hearts. He was the personification of a generation the likes of which will probably soon be lost forever.

To paraphrase a previously much loved Englishman, he gave so much to so many for so long without thinking of the cost to himself.

Our thoughts and sadness are with all his family and friends today.

Thank you Roy for what you shared with us over the years.
Ken and Cath from King's Lynn

Roy will be greatly missed - he brought so much laughter and fun to his programmes. My condolences to his family and to Radio Norfolk.

We will all miss you Roy.
Pat Frost from Sutton Bridge

Me and my family are so saddened by Roy's death today. I lived two doors down from Roy and his parents as a boy on Half Mile Road and kicked many a football against Roy's front wall.

When I worked at Castle Mall just after it was finished being built, Roy and Sylvia got into the grounds before the public were allowed in and I had to go and ask them to leave. When Roy saw me, he laughed! After a nice chat with him and Sylvie they both left, but he and Sylvie saw the funny side!

Roy was a genuine people person, laughed at and with everyone and always saw the funny side of things. He had his grumpy moments, but not very often. I, amongst many thousands of people, will miss him, not only on the Radio but as a friend and extremely likable and lovable man.

He will be sorely missed. May we offer our very sincere condolences to Sylvia, Linda, their children and all his family and many thousands of friends. I personally feel so sad because I knew him and played with him as a lad. God Bless Roy. Your friend John.
John Cressey and Family from Thorpe St Andrew

When we moved to Norfolk six years ago, we began listening to Radio Norfolk, purely because of the great sense of fun created by Roy. To us, he was, and always will be, Radio Norfolk.

Our thoughts go out to his family for the great loss they are enduring.
Pat and Fred Rappolt from Cromer

He will b sadly missed by the people of Norfolk. My thoughts are with his family, friends and work colleagues.

RIP now.
Julie Lathangue from Dereham

Our Condolences to Roy's Family. We miss you from the Radio. So sad that you have gone from us. Keep playing Country Music above. God Bless.
Barry and Veronica from Mundesley

Very sad news to hear to hear of the death of Roy Waller. He was a part of everyday Norfolk life for so many years.

Listening to him on Radio Norfolk as you entered the county after being away made you feel at home. A true gent, great cheeky sense of humour.

Roy will be greatly missed by all Radio Norfolk listeners and many more people that knew him. God rest him.
Chris Burton from King's Lynn

The best thing I could say in tribute to Roy is something I remember from a lady who was trying to insult him. She said "The trouble with him, is that he thinks he IS Radio Norfolk!"

From that day to this, that's how I've thought of Roy. I've heard Keith Skipper being referred to as 'Mr Norfolk'. Well I think of Roy Waller as 'Mr RADIO Norfolk'.
Charlie B from Norwich

We are very sad at hearing the news and send our sympathy to Mrs Waller and the family.

We particularly remember Roy for the 10 and more years he came out to Watton to compere the True or False Quiz which was put on for many years as part of the town's Carnival Week.

He always made the evening a great success with his ready wit and talent for putting people at their ease when faced with going on the stage for the final round. He will be missed by many, many, people both here and all over the world.
David and Jean Sell from Watton

I am very saddened to hear of Roy's death. I spent many happy hours talking nonsense as 'The Boy John' on his afternoon radio show many years ago.

I am proud to have known Roy; it was a pleasure and a privilege to have known him and Sylvie. Sincere condolences to Sylvie and all his family.
Adrian Pye from Lowestoft

Roy will be missed by so many. A true broadcasting legend across Norfolk.

RIP Roy.
Mark Stevenson from Norwich

My one and only piece of football commentary came somewhat unexpectedly.

I was filming a piece for Blue Peter on being a football summariser for a Norwich home game alongside Roy. It was the first time I had met Roy having heard him for many years on the airwaves.

Roy made me feel at ease straight away with that cheeky glint in his eye and the first 30 minutes or so passed in no time. But then without warning, Roy dropped me in at the deep end and asked me to commentate on the final 15 minutes.

This wasn't in the script but I gave it my best shot. In truth it wasn't my finest hour (got the Bury scorer wrong) but Roy was such a gracious man that he helped me out when others might have been tempted to highlight my error.

I left Carrow Road with a new respect not just for football commentators, but for Roy who made it all look so effortless.

I heard the news of Roy's passing from Iwan Roberts while out here in South Africa covering the World Cup for Sky and feel a great sadness at his death.

For me he was the 'voice' of Norfolk and I know that his warmth and tongue in cheek humour will be missed by many many listeners across the county.

He really was a true gent and Radio Norfolk will never be quite the same.
Simon Thomas from London

As a Radio Suffolk listener (and occasionally Norfolk) I am devastated to hear the sad news of Roy's passing.

When my dear Mother was alive and living alone, Roy was her "friend" on the Radio. For her and many other people on their own, he was probably their only contact during the day.

I can just imagine them chatting to each other now... Rest in peace Roy.
John Soanes from Blundeston

I can't believe it. This was the guy that I grew up listening to, back in the days of his afternoon show "Tea for Three" in the 80s.

He was one of my main inspirations to get into radio in some shape or form, which I did, through hospital radio and later becoming an occasional football pundit on Radio Norfolk.

I had the pleasure of meeting and broadcasting with Roy on numerous occasions.

My first meeting was when he invited me into the old studios at Surrey Street to sit in on his afternoon show. As the news came on at 4pm, he got up from his chair and said, "back in a minute. If I'm not back in time, start without me", before leaving the studio.

As the news drew to a close, there was no sign of Roy. I started to panic, nervously eyeing the desk to see if I could draw on my hospital radio experience to at least play a record if he didn't return in time.

With seconds to spare, and just as I'd started to think I was really going to have to do something, Roy breezed back into the room, right on cue and with a cheeky grin. Faders were eased up, and the last hour of the show was seamlessly commenced.

"Were you ready?" he winked.

What a legend. Roy was a true gentleman, and a cornerstone of Norfolk broadcasting. His loss will be felt by many.

Thanks, Roy. RIP.
Jon Day from London

Working with Roy was one of my first experiences as a very new member of the BBC. It was quite an education and one that I really enjoyed.

My condolences go to his family and his team who will no doubt me feeling a great loss at this sad time.
Linda Walker from Ipswich

Roy really helped small clubs including our own Marham Bowls Sports and Social Club by taking the time to advertise our gigs. Our sincere sympathies to the family.
Ricky and Pat Janiszewski from Marham

A wonderful man who I regarded as a friend who helped me so much dating back to Radio Norfolk Holidays .

Such a sad situation but will remember the good times.

All Love to Sylvie and family.
Peter Davies and Leonie Williams from Norwich

I grew up listening to Roy commentate on Radio Norfolk and he's a big part of why I still listen every match day.

My late father and I spent many hours listening to Roy describe how our team Norwich were doing and hearing Roy has passed away is very sad.
Matt Gunns from Pakefield

I was shocked by the sad news that Roy Waller has passed away. He was such a great man and the voice of Radio Norfolk.

His football commentaries were very special and I had the pleasure of meeting Roy at an open day at Carrow Road.

He really will be sadly missed. The voice of Radio Norfolk and most of all a real gentleman.

My condolences go to his family. RIP Roy.
Luke Bales from Norwich

Such a sad day. Adios Roy, you were legend. Our sympathy to Sylvie and family
Harvey and Melanie Platt from Norwich

Roy was generous, funny, talented, passionate and articulate. His was a voice born to be on radio and a personality born to shed warmth on everyone he came into contact with.

His annual children's Christmas phone-in with Santa was one of the highlights of my year. Every time he would ask Santa if he could get his precious Canaries into the top flight of football; every time the answer was that Santa dealt in presents, not miracles. He never took it badly.

He was a joy and a delight, and we shall be lucky if his kind comes again soon.
Peter Wilson, Norwich Theatre Royal chief executive

On behalf of the Frost and Holman family to Sylvie and your family we are thinking of you at this sad time. From your Godson Nick. x
Nick Frost from Long Stratton

My deepest sympathies to Roy's family. The word legend is over-used these days but Roy is a true Norfolk legend who'll be sorely missed by people in all walks of life. A gentleman who will never be forgotten.
Stephen Foster from Ipswich

Sincere sympathy to Sylvie and all Roy's family.

He has brought so much joy to us here in Norfolk with his wonderful spontaneity and humour. He is irreplaceable.
Pam Gladwell from North Walsham

So sad to hear the news that Roy has died. I loved listening to him in the afternoons, he always made me laugh. It felt he was one of the family.

My thoughts are with Sylvie and all the family. He will never be forgotten.
Janet Ling from Ditchingham

He was a great person. His sense of fun and devilment was legendary and the country family do sadly miss him.

I especially loved the way he treated children, especially on his "What's for tea Mother" section.

Over the years I have what I call my snippet tape with Roy and Keith Skues and I remember speaking to him one Christmas morning , me snuggled under the duvet and he pretending to be.

He will be so sadly missed. My condolences to Sylvie and the family and, as he always said, "remember the good times."
Olive from Halesworth

We are so sorry to hear the sad news that Roy has passed away. We had many chats with Roy on his Rodeo Norfolk show.

He was very kind and a lovely man, not to mention his jokes and quick wit - he will be sadly missed.

Remembering what he always said to people - remember the good times.

With all our love and good wishes.
Stephen and Grace Coman from Stalham

RIP Roy - a true gent who I had the pleasure of meeting several times over the years.

Big loss to the county of Norfolk. My thoughts are with his family and friends.
Ben from Norwich

I had not heard of Roy until we bought a static caravan in Norfolk - we really knew we were back in Norfolk when we heard his voice on a Friday afternoon doing his show, which always brought a smile to our face and made the latter part of our journey from Northampton so much more enjoyable.

We couldn't wait until we reached the Suffolk borders when we could tune in to him. In fact one of the reasons we moved here permanently was because of him and Radio Norfolk which was so much better than the one in Northampton.

I feel very sad that I will not be able to listen to him any more and have missed his voice terribly since he has been unable to do his programme. Please pass on my condolences to his family.
Diane Goss from North Walsham

I have so many wonderful memories of Roy. They began as a listener, then as a colleague at Radio Norfolk where he quickly became, and has remained, a very good friend.

Always so entertaining - particularly on our travels to many football matches. A true friend when I needed one.

A genuine, honest, funny and all round lovely man who will be sadly missed but very very fondly remembered. Much love to Sylvie xxx
Bob Ottaway from Hoveton

I knew Roy in the very early days of Radio Norfolk and remember how wherever he was, he always brought a smile.

Roy was Norfolk through and through and his passion for his county showed in all he did.

Condolences to Sylvie and all his family.
Lesley Dolphin from Ipswich

Roy has been and will be sadly missed.

Radio Norfolk hasn't been the same since his morning and afternoon shows.

A wonderful entertainer, also a 'friend' to all who listened. His country show was the best on a Saturday morning.

Love and blessings to all his family.
Jill & Charles Claxton from Holt

Roy, you will be sadly missed. You inspired me to get in to radio broadcasting and had so much time for me, allowing me to sit in on your programmes during school holidays, allowing me to wonder round Norfolk Tower, etc.

I will be eternally grateful. You were a very decent man and a damn good and popular broadcaster.

Rest In Peace Roy.
Sean Cooper from Fakenham

We are so sad today at the passing of such a lovely person. We will miss his sense of fun and humour and his impressions. Thinking of you all at this time.
Susan Capp-Jenner and Janet Varvel from Norwich

Such sad news. A lovely man. Over the years we have enjoyed all his radio shows and we will miss him.

A true gentleman.
Janet and Denis Nagle from Attleborough

We really enjoyed Roy and looked forward to his show every day, his wit and showmanship will never be beaten. God bless.
Richard and Wendy from Lowestoft

A true professional and an inspiration... from the creator of 'Newsroom Cricket' to the abuser of my flamboyant shirts on air.

Have missed the post bulletin banter - I learnt a lot from Roy and, as they say, you never forget a good teacher...
Richard Attoe from Newmarket

We are so sorry to hear the sad news of Roy. We remember Roy and Sylvia coming the the Wymondham Ex Servicemen's Club, Wymondham to do the draw for the raffle for the Wymondham Branch of the RNLI a few years ago.

We are now raising funds for the Caister Lifeboats and all our group feel the same as us and will miss Roy very much.

Our love goes to Sylvia and Roy's family. We have lost a wonderful man and broadcaster.
Beryl and Viv Butterwick from Wymondham

I am in tears as I write this message because I feel almost personally bereaved. Roy has been part of our lives along with Radio Norfolk on a daily basis for years. His caring attitude and his humour have shone out of him.

When I had my little art studio, gallery and shop in Gaywood some years ago, Roy came along on one of his "away day" visits. There were 12 in the class that day and we were painting sunflowers from life.

After having a chat with everyone about how much we loved to paint, he handed over the microphone, put on a pinny, took up the pastel sticks, and commenced to paint some of the sunflower petals, under my tuition, when I could stop laughing.

I treasured that moment, and that picture, which I framed and gave to a friend, where it hangs in her shop.

He also took an interest in our dancing classes and often spoke to my mother Peggy Spencer on the radio about her life and our activities in Kings Lynn to keep people "dancing".

All our love and fond memories to Sylvie and the family and the greater family of Radio Norfolk, who have lost a treasured member.
Helena Anderson and Peggy Spencer MBE

Thanks Roy for many laughter filled afternoons and fantastic football commentary. Will miss you so much. Condolences to all his family.
Yvonne from King's Lynn

Sorry to hear about Roy. I was up late this morning, put on Nick Conrad's show and several of you are doing his tribute.

I cannot tell you how many times I met him - I worked for Norwich Union at Sentinel House between 1996-2001 and my lunchtime coincided with his - starting at around 12 noon.

We often met, crossing the road to our respective staff canteens, we greeted each other, Roy being his usual friendly self.

I also meet him at various events.

The last time I met him and Sylvie was when he was Sheriff, at the Roman Catholic Cathedral, after that year's Civic Service.

Condolences to his family, colleagues and friends.
Lynda Edwards

A big loss. A lovely man. I met him a few times. My best memory was in the early '90s when my son and I made him laugh with our silent celebrations of Norwich goals in the Forest pressbox.

Eamonn Duff from Peterborough

Just writing to say how sad I am to hear of Roy's passing.

As a youngster, to me he was Radio Norfolk and as a brief member of your Radio Norfolk family, I always saw Roy as the daddy.

He was great to me and made my time with you pass too quickly.

Although sometimes a bit corny (in a nice way), the citizens of Norfolk loved Roy and I hope they will be given the chance to say a fond farewell at some point.

Please pass on my thoughts to Roy's wife and family, as well as Roy's friends and colleagues at the station.
Keith Roads from Norwich

God bless you Roy, you were a true legend and will be sadly missed by everyone. You were a pleasure to listen to on Radio Norfolk.

Thank you for brightening up everyone's day, especially with your commentary on Norwich City football games and your jokes.

You were a star, now that star will shine bright in the sky for ever. God bless you. xxxxx
Sue King from Norwich

He always put a smile on your face.

He got his sense of humour from his dad who I knew as a delivery driver fro Swan Laundry in the '60s.

He will be sadly missed.
Barry Bassett from Norwich

Roy was a terrific broadcaster, a real legend with a fantastic sense of fun.

He was always the joker on and off-air at Radio Norfolk and a presenter who made his show fly by, by simply being himself.

We'll all miss him in local radio and my thoughts are with Sylvie and his many friends at Radio Norfolk.
Peter Cook, editor of BBC Radio Suffolk

A very sad start to the day with this awful news. He will be missed by so many. RIP Roy xx
Julie from Knapton

I would just like to pass on my condolences to the Waller family and say it was a privilege to have known him over the past 24 years. He will be sorely missed.
Ian Crook

What sad news. I feel Roy was a friend to all.

One fond memory - he took my son David to a day at Colney (as we had had to cancel our holiday, due to my daughters illness) and gave David a day to remember with all his favourite footballers.

He will be greatly missed and a sad loss to Radio Norfolk.
Ruth Dockerty from Irstead

A wonderful man, I really enjoyed listening to his Rodeo Norfolk on a Saturday morning.

He brightened the day and will be missed very much. Thank you, God bless.
Jean from Norwich

I am really sorry to hear this morning of the very sad loss of Roy Waller, an absolute great man.

I had the pleasure of working alongside Roy in the commentary box on numerous occasions and have some really fond memories of him.

My thoughts are with all you people at Radio Norfolk and to Roy's family.
Adrian Coote

Roy has been a part of our lives for many years through Radio, country shows and football.

What a lovely man, such a great loss to so many.

I always remember his words the fathers day after losing my father in law- "remember the good times" and I hope his family will do this as I'm sure there are so many.

RIP. Roy, God bless. x
Rachel Amiss and family from Foulsham

Roy was and always will be the voice of Norwich City.

He made every match day he was involved in that little bit more special.

Thanks for the memories 'Uncle' Roy.
Tom from Belton

We are very sad to learn that Roy has passed away. We always used to listen to his shows on line out here in Malta.

He would always respond on air to our contacts with him on his shows, in fact he used to call us his Malta Correspondents.

Once he got everyone in the studio to sing happy birthday on air for my wife Ninette.

Condolences to all his family, friends and colleagues.
Ninette and John Chambers from Malta

We have not lived in the Norfolk area for long but as children we visited on holiday for years and always listened to local radio for traffic and travel whilst doing our tourist bit.

When we moved here it was like being welcomed home by a long lost relative - Roy Waller a lovely familiar voice!

Our sympathies to all his family, colleagues and friends.
Heather from Watton

He was very funny and will be dearly missed.
Sandra from Norwich

I remember talking to Roy on my 5th birthday. He called me and asked what I was going to have for my tea - sausages! My mum still has a recording of it somewhere.

He will be sadly missed - Norwich City games will never sound quite the same.
Karl Barker-Ottley from Norwich

Roy will be very much missed. He was a very good friend and colleague when I worked with him at BBC Radio Norfolk.

Roy was one of the first people I got to know at the station back in the mid eighties.

May you rest in peace my friend, and as you always told me... "Remember the good times". And I will always do that.
Bob Castleton from Melbourne, Australia

I am so sorry to hear about Roy. My late husband and I came to Norfolk in November 1998 and when we first listened to your station, Roy was the first person we heard and I rang in about something or other and spoke to him and he was lovely.

I have seen him in person and spoken to him. He was a very funny man and to me he was Radio Norfolk.

I would like to have rung in today but I think I would have broken down in tears. I did have a cry when I heard. I am thinking of his wife today as I have been in the same boat.
Lynda Somerville

I have listened to Roy from the start of Radio Norfolk. His warm wit and humour and talent will be sadly missed.

My thoughts go to his family at this time.
David Walker in Leicester

A few years ago, Roy was kind enough to appear with a group of friends and myself in a web series we were making in the city.

He was funny and inventive on the improvised script - making up musical numbers on the spot on the streets of the city.

He was a fantastic sport and will be dearly missed.
Will Brooks in Norwich



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