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BeWILDerwood wins tourism award
BeWILDerwood boat
You could float down the Dismal Dyke at BeWILDerwood

BeWILDerwood, the forest adventure park near Wroxham, has won a worldwide award from the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA).

"BeWILDerwood has been awarded the Best Attraction under US$5m budget," said Nick Farmer, president and spokesperson for TEA.

"These awards are only given if the attraction has achieved excellence," he added.

"Receiving this award is amazing!" said park creator Tom Blofeld.

Despite the recession, the park has experienced double the visitors year on year, compared with 2008.

"This is a great start to the season," said Jo Artherton from BeWILDerwood.

Set in 50 acres of forest off the A1062 between Wroxham and Horning, opposite Hoveton Little Broad, the adventure park is home to treehouses and characters never before seen in this world... or any other!

To enter the park is to say goodbye to the world we know - as you step into a land of Twiggle villages and a Scary Lake.

Here you can immerse yourself in adventures as wild and as wonderful as your imagination makes them.

The park prides itself on being a natural environment built using only sustainable materials.

Once you pass the entrance, take a short boat trip through the Dismal Dyke but keep an eye out for what may be lurking beneath the waters, for Mildred - the 14ft spiny Crocklebog - has a habit of raising her head to greet visitors.

BeWILDerwood croc
Beware of what comes out of the lake

Zip wires

Norfolk mum Lynn Crombie took her youngster to the park for a day out.

"The slides are fab - not the type you find where you chug your way down, pushing with your arms to build up speed - these ones are something else and you'll find yourself hurtling down at such force, prepare to end up on the soft forest floor at the end," said Lynn.

"The zip wires are also not for the faint-hearted, and why not have a race - grown-ups versus kids - to the bottom," she added.

The park, with treehouses, zip wires, slides, a maze and broken bridge, originally cost £1.8m to create back in 2007.

Land owner and founder of the park, Tom Blofeld, has written a number of BeWILDerwood stories. The characters from the book come alive in the park.

The idea behind the short stories, is to encourage children to engage in reading with big colour pictures and wildly imaginative characters.

It is worth remembering that the park is outdoors and does not have a vast amount of cover if the weather is bad.

"On the day we visited, the weather was bright and dry, but I don't know whether the park would be my first choice on a grey, rainy day - there wasn't much shelter or anywhere dry to entertain the kids," said Lynn.

Events calendar

The park hosts regular events so repeat visitors can experience something different each time.

During Easter you might be encouraged to enter the spoon dash, dads go for free on Fathers Day, and as the nights draw in at the end of the season, you can go into the woods for a late-night lantern procession through the Treacherous Trail and enjoy a run under the stars.

"We enjoyed the park and it was a great day out - those of us not used to climbing up treehouses and zipping down wires may have a few aches the next day though!" said Lynn.

Ticket prices are £10 for adults and £6 for children under 105cm. Children under 92cm go free.

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