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Norwich City reveal promotion party plans
Steve Morphew (left), Norwich City Council leader, and David McNally (right) from Norwich City FC at Norwich Castle
Norwich City will celebrate their victorious season on Castle Mound

Norwich City's title-winning team will celebrate their promotion to the Championship with a parade on an open-top bus through the city.

After weeks of debate about whether the achievement should be marked, it's been announced that a celebration will take to the streets on 13 May 2010, at 6pm.

Crowds are expected to line the route which will run from St Stephen's Street to Red Lion Street and Castle Meadow.

The team will then lift the trophy at the top of Castle Mound.

"I'm sure there will be a fantastic atmosphere," said Delia Smith, Norwich City's joint majority shareholder.

A civic reception for the players, club officials and invited guests will then take place at Norwich Castle.

"We've monitored what people have been saying about having a celebration over the last few weeks and the overwhelming majority were keen to celebrate this season's title success with the players," said Delia.

"Paul Lambert [manager] has said all along that winning the title was all about the players and the fans being in harmony and what better way to recognise that than the civic celebrations planned," she added.


The celebrations have been organised by Norwich City Football Club, their main sponsors Aviva and Norwich City Council.

"Our message to everyone in the city is to come out and celebrate with us and the players," said Helen Selleck, events and culture manager for Norwich City Council.

"There will be lots of opportunity for people to see the open-topped bus along the half-mile parade route and to cheer the team on," she added.

Norwich City were promoted with a 1-0 win over Charlton Athletic on 18 April and clinched the title with a 2-0 victory against Gillingham at Carrow Road a week later.

Event information

If you are planning on attending the event, please read the following information.

Norwich City players celebrate promotion after their win over Charlton.
Norwich City players celebrate promotion after their win at Charlton

The disabled viewing area is in Castle Green with a capacity of 200. Entrance to this area will be via Farmers Avenue, opposite Vue, and is on a first-come, first-served basis.

The following roads will be closed between 4pm and 9pm on the day of the parade:

St Stephens Street, Surrey Street, Westlegate, Theatre Street, Rampant Horse Street, Red Lion Street, Orford Hill, White Lion Street, Castle Meadow, London Street, Castle Street, Arcade Street, Opie Street, St Andrews Hill, Bedford Street, Farmers Avenue.

All city centre car parks will be operating as normal, although there will be no entry to The Mall Car Park 2 off Farmers Avenue after 4pm, although the exit will be maintained.

Car parking will also be available for the public in the Norwich City FC car park behind the Jarrold Stand, priced £2.

Park and Ride stations across the city will be expanding their operating times overnight - the last bus from the city centre will be at 8.30pm and will run on a load-and-go basis rather than to timetable.

Due to the closure of the city centre from 4pm, the Sprowston and Airport buses will not be able to take passengers further than Tombland. This will be the drop-off and pick-up point.

The Postwick bus will drop off and pick up from the railway station and then go via Rose Lane, Rouen Road and All Saints Green to the Bus Station. The routes of the Costessey, Thickthorn and Harford services will be unaffected.

Park and Ride tickets start at £1.70 for one adult and up to four children (under 16).

Buses along St Stephens Street and Castle Meadow will be re-routed. Discount fairs are being offered by First Bus from 2pm.

Rail services will operate as normal.

This Have Your Say is now closed.

We previously asked you for your comments on how Norwich City should celebrate their promotion to the Championship. See what people had to say below.

I believe the players, the manager and most of all the fans would love to see a promotion party.

In are fine city after all we are back in the Championship after just one season. As to who picks up the bill, the council and sponsors should. On the ball City!
Valant Cutajar from Ormesby St Margaret

More than happy to make a donation, it's something positive to celebrate and a great achievement by manager, player and supporter.
Debbie Coulthard from Leeds

I've loved Norwich City since 1992 and I moved to Essex in 2001 and still support the Canaries and they are the best. I love Norwich City FC forever.
Andrew Gwilt from Wickford, Essex

I believe that the success of this season SHOULD be celebrated.

From the first game which resulted in a 7-1 defeat the team have pulled together strong and made the city proud once more, so the city and fans should celebrate together.

The funding should be split between the club and council.
Craig Moore from Murrow, near Wisbech

I think Norwich City should have a promotion party, not just for the players etc. but for the fans who pay their wages each week!

In these times of financial hardship for everyone, wouldn't it be great to have something to celebrate for a change? Not to mention the businesses that would benefit from the crowds in the city i.e. pubs, restaurants, takeaways etc.

As for funding it? It should be shared by all. As Delia said, "Where are you? Come on, lets be `avin you".
Christopher Munday from New Costessey, Norwich

I remember when the team celebrated promotion to the Premiership all those years ago and it still lives in my memory as being one of the greatest days the city had seen in recent times.

It's been a few years since a chance like this has come along and I believe it would generate more money for the city than it would to fund it.

I don't live in Norfolk but I would take time out to visit there and spend my money if the last parade is anything to go by.
Wesley Kerins from Stansted

There should definitely be a party as it isn't very often that us Norwich supporters get to have a party. We are now in the Championship and it is something to celebrate, so get ordering the open top bus.
Jake B from Norwich

Of course we should have a parade! This is only the 5th time we have lifted a league title in our history and only the 2nd time we have won the third division.

I'm with McNally: success for most teams doesn't come that often and when it does we should make the most of it.
Noel from Howe, near Norwich

It's great to be back in the Championship. I think the celebrations should be after the Carlisle game.
Rachel Wisken from Harleston

We should have a open top bus around the city to celebrate with all the Norwich fans who have not been to see a Norwich game this season.
Daniel from Norwich

Why celebrate promotion from this division to go back to where we were? Even though I haven't missed a game all season and thoroughly enjoyed it, I think an open top bus is a bit over the top.

Now if it's at the end of next season then that's a different story...
Paul King from Belton

We should definitely have a promotion party. Any title win for the club is good for the city and should be celebrated by the fans no matter what division. I'm sure between NCFC & the council they can find £20K. The club gets £25K for winning it - why not use that? Let's get the party started.
T White from Norwich

Norwich are the most overated team in England and without Grant Holt they would be relegated.
Dom from Sheffield

Let's keep things in proportion. Make the club's open day on May 9th a bigger event than it usually is. Admission free as usual but fans could make a donation if they wish. An open-top bus would be a bit ott.
C Dennis from Norwich

We should never have been in that league firstly so let's not go too overboard. Something, yes, but could it not be focussed around the ground? Also £20k for a bus trip, when no money can be found to close the roads around Carrow Road for match day is a joke! It warrants recognition but perhaps save the bus for next season when promoted to the Premiership!
Nick from Norwich

Definitely! A way of saying thanks to the loyal fans and thanks to the team. Promotion is a reason to celebrate whatever the division, though it's a shame we went down in the first place. Being promoted as Champions will be even more of a reason to celebrate!

If there is a big celebration in the city my family and I will be there for sure. My daughter's not even 2 and she keeps singing 'going up, up, up' and 'yellows'! She'd love it!
Kyli from Coltishall

I agree with McNally 100%. Let's party!
Fred from Prague

As an exiled Norfolk boy who supports his home town club, of course there should be a celebration. Much has changed since the last promotion in 2004, but for the club to bounce back to the Championship at the first attempt is a superb effort and worthy of recognition by Norwich and the rest of Norfolk.
Eric from Aberdeen

Of course we should have a celebration. It has been a fantastic season. Everyone should see the depth and passion of support Norwich has.
Shaun from Norwich

I understand both sides of the arguments. On the one hand a club with a severe debt should, like the country, exert a degree of prudence over its spending. If the council is willing to put £20k towards an event then great, but the club should not pay a penny.

Secondly, I also agree that a spell in the third tier was disgraceful for a club of our size. Returning to the second tier should not be celebrated like we've won the World Cup.

I also agree with McNally's sentiments when he says that winning anything is so rare that we should enjoy the moment.

So, surely the answer is to meet halfway? Why are we only discussing extremes? No party or open bus tour with civic reception? Why not something smaller? I'm not going to suggest what it is. Just that we find a good balance that gives the supporters the chance to celebrate, the players the chance to meet the fans and the balance sheets the chance to improve.
Lee Boswell from Letchworth

Of course you must celebrate. This event may only occur once in some people's lifetime, look at Rochdale for example. So the odd pothole won't get filled in, a yellow line or two won't get painted. Enjoy the occasion. Hang money catching nets from the open top bus to pay for it. You will be surprised at what you net! Good luck for next season.
Jack Royall from Portsmouth

The local economy benefits as a result of the club's promotion so £20,000 should be the very least of the council's concerns. Get it sorted!
Ray from Bristol

Never mind about processions - how about something more lasting, like a DVD of the season's highlights?
Dave from Brancaster Staithe

I agree with some sort of celebration, but not over the top and certainly not over the top of a bus! It's been a great season but it is only the third tier of English football after all. We should never have been there, even though it has been a blessing as things have turned out, thanks in no small part to David McNally. I suggest a five-a-side tournament with teams from the first team and academy - maybe one or two "legends" could play too.
Adrian in rural Norfolk

We need a open-top bus parade! For Lambert, the players, the backroom staff - but most importantly for the supporters. Without us there would not be a club and we don't get to celebrate very often so lets have a party in the city. OTBC.
Scott in King's Lynn

Continued success of the team brings in revenue to the city and makes everyone happy. Of course there should be an open-top bus driven around the city, and less foolish talk about the cost.
Tony in Norwich

Why am I paying for a celebration of NCFC's rise to the Championship? We shouldn't have fallen out of it in the first place! It is a total waste of my money. Put the celebration in the football ground where it belongs.
Michelle in Norwich

Yes there should be an open-top bus parade/celebration, but ONLY once we are crowned League One champions. Promotion should have been a certainty, but winning the title with teams like Charlton and Leeds is when the celebrations should start.
Andy in Hethersett

I think there should be an open top bus tour. This should be equally funded by the club, the Norwich chamber of commerce (who will benefit), the city council and county council. Surely each one could afford five thousand pounds? How about getting in touch with local charities to arrange collectors to be on the streets at the same time? This would add an extra positive element.
John in Wisbech

The players have worked hard to turn things around under the guidance of Paul Lambert and deserve recognition for their achievements. Why not tag along within the Lord Mayor's procession?
Jo in Norwich

The thousands of supporters which attend each week and give their money to the club deserve some sort of celebration, no matter what the achievement. If anything, it should be a way of repaying the people who support the club and allowing everyone to come together.
Adam in Norwich

Yes - let's have a big celebration. In all the doom and gloom we all need something to celebrate.
Glenda in Bury St Edmunds

If there is going to be a party then it should be a Carrow Road. Let the fans meet the players, let the kids meet their heroes, bars could be open with food on sale - they might even make a few pounds. Carrow Road has the space and any celebrations will not clog up the city.
Barry in Norwich

Of course there should be a celebration and £20,000 is not a lot of money compared to what will be spent in local businesses by people coming into the city to celebrate.
Chris in Diss

The promotion should definitely be celebrated, promotions don't happen that often.
As for who should pay for it, why don't the well paid councillors put some of their money into it instead of using tax payers money!
Neil in Norwich

Without doubt there should be a celebration. Success breeds success and this can reflect positively on the city and the whole county.

Thousands would turn out to celebrate and to thank the club for a fantastic season. Come on, SMILE and be happy!!
As for who pays? What about a partnership between club, Norwich City Council and Norfolk County Council. Or better still, the next Prime Minister should fork out for us!
Mervyn in Norwich

We should celebrate, even if it is only League One, Norwich have done well and I think we all deserve it!
Blake in Norwich

Of course there should be a celebration and it should be funded by club and council together. OTBC!
Paul in Gayton

Yes - we should celebrate. This would be just reward for the best football supporters in the land, and an appropriate way of marking the fantastic achievement of the players, the manager, the board and everyone else that makes this such a fabulous club to support.
HampshireYella in Southampton

A civic reception and open-top bus tour of the city centre would be justified fully! It would be money spent wisely and openly by the council. The fans, the club and the city centre commerce would all benefit I'm sure.
Mark in Norwich

There has to be an open-top bus celebration. It is a great achievement and thousands of fans will come together to celebrate. The £20,000 spent on the parade will be offset by the money spent in celebration - I'm sure that Norwich bars, cafes and shops will welcome the prospect.
Nick in Norwich

I think we should celebrate with a open-top bus. It's still a promotion even if it is League One. I think both the council and the club should pay for it, but more the council as it helps the whole city. We don't know when the next time the city/club will celebrate a promotion again.
Kevin in Lowestoft

A celebration in the city centre gives the club & the fans a chance to come together to celebrate & reflect on a job well done. We are a one club city & county, & Norwich is important to many thousands of us - we should all get together to thank the players & the club for a great season.
Mark from Norwich

Tax payers must pay, I will because I love my football club to bits.
Sarah from Norwich

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