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Page last updated at 15:46 GMT, Wednesday, 16 December 2009
Have your say: The end for King's Lynn Football Club
The Walks
King's Lynn FC had been doing well in the Unibond Premier Division

King's Lynn FC has folded following their latest High Court visit.

The club, known as The Linnets, was wound up at the High Court with more than £65,000 in unpaid taxes on 25 November 2009.

They were given a two-week stay of execution but an application to lift the order was abandoned.

The court granted a request by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs to make a compulsory order winding up the club, saying it is "woefully insolvent".

The club's affairs will be handed over to an Official Receiver and any assets will be sold to try to clear the debts.

The Linnets' young team had been in excellent form and were fourth place in the Unibond Premier Division before the High Court ruling.

The football team was set up in 1879.

Read below for a selection of comments that you sent to us.

As with all football clubs they need to be operated in the same manner as any business. Pay your dues or fold.
Marcus Hopkins from King's Lynn

About 4 years ago I helped out at the club being a ground steward and during the week I would turn out and do painting and general clearing up. I did this for nothing, I did not want paying, I just loved the club.

Me and my wife started running car boots and raised a fair amount of money. This money was spent in various ways, electrical work, improvements to dressing rooms and even paid for a coach to take the players on an away game.

On match days, including reserves and A teams, I would turn out and make the tea for the players and help out in general. I did this for 7 years.

Anyway to the point. In the run up to the first game about a month ago I could not get to the ground due to work commitments. When the day came for the match I turned up to do the tea for the players and I was told I was no longer needed due to new management taking over and they had found someone else to do my job and there was no room for me. What was that all about. All the work I had done and raising money meant nothing to them, no wonder they went under.

I know you will rise again KLFC and if you ever need me I will be there.
Tom from King's Lynn

I'm a Cambridge United fan and we played King's Lynn a few times, they were a good club with good fans, a nice stadium as well. Let's not make it go to waste and help them reform!
Like Shipp from Cambridge

I am very saddened to hear this sad, news.

My great grandfather played for this club from 1910 for over 10 years so a piece of my heritage has gone down as well. He was a respected player, once a top goal scorer.

Ransome was his name and he would be so sad if he was alive to hear this and know he would have done everything in his will to try and keep it alive as he was born and bred in King's Lynn and even after he stopped playing he went to all the games way into his old age.

Wish I could grab the photos of the team he was in for a keepsake to pass down the family.
Mel Irving from Great Yarmouth

I think it is shocking that a club like this can 'go under' when Premiership players are earning fortunes and half a week's wages from many Premiership players would have been enough to temporarily save this club.

I recall a couple of years ago when a team from the Premiership held a Xmas party and for the same amount of money that the party cost could have run a Conference team for a month with wages, bills etc.
Sandgrounder from Southport

Sorry to see you go hope you can rise again like other clubs have done. Good luck.
Fred Bennett from Coventry

What a great shame to fold up only owing 77 grand. What's up with those board members? We've nearly been there. Loads of infighting amongst the directors. Can't have any real directors that love their town's team.

We give all Linnets faithful our hopes for their future and best getting shot of those so called town directors. You will survive and come out of the ashes a better team.
Les van der Veen from Dover

Poor management seems to be the problem here. Money spent in the wrong places. Most none league clubs would love to have an average of 700/800 supporters. The writing was on the wall. I hope a new club will be formed with the skills needed to run a modern day football club.
Anton Barber from King's Lynn

It is a disgraceful position for the club to be in, how did it come to this? One of the best grounds in non-league football and one of the best supported clubs also with gates regularly over 1,000. Some people are guilty of gross mis-management and should be hanging their heads in shame.
Paul from King's Lynn

I'm not a King's Lynn supporter, but I think it's disgusting that the Linnets no longer exist. It just shows you how impatient the idiots at HM Revenue & Customs really are! So long King's Lynn FC. We'll miss you loads. Hopefully you will return soon!
Alyn Line from Peterborough

I think it's tragic that this is happening to football clubs, it's a clear sign that the economic downturn is now really kicking into football.

I fear this won't be the last club to be wound up, clubs like Wrexham, Boston, Rotherham, Luton and Leeds could have all headed this way (but have thankfully not!), and there's still plenty of fear for clubs who have such financial issues like Chester, Darlington, Stockport and dare I say, a big club like Portsmouth, that they could possibly go under in the next year or so. But, because this is little non-league King's Lynn of the UniBond Premier, nobody really seems to care.

I hope King's Lynn can rise from the ashes, much like Aldershot, Accrington and Wimbledon, and come back better than ever. It's horrific to hear this happening to any football club. The FA should once again be ashamed.
Jimmy Driver from Wirral

What a sad time for all Linnet's supporters!

I first watched them in the 1950s when I went with my grandfather, from Magdalen. I remember Luke and Dixon as goalscoring forwards, and ex-international goalkeeper Stretton, in that era.

I continued to support them through the '60s, along with several family members. It seems to have been a reasonably successful club during those periods, especially in the Southern League Premier division, facing many sides that are now in the Football league. The club attracted many good quality ex-league players, like the Whitelams, Hooper, Bacon, Mackey and many others.

This is such a difficult time for many reasons but I hope that there will be a new and successful football club arising from this debacle.
David Page from Barking

It is sad that another club in the lower echelon of the league structure fall by the wayside.

One cannot understand how other clubs in higher leagues are able to get in-favour rulings when they are in greater insolvency situations. When a man with the pedigree of Chapman offers to bale them out it seems very pigheaded of the revenue to take this action in depriving another area of the UK of it's footballing structure.

I feel especially sorry for the players who the revenue have probably ensured they become more of the dole-ites.
Barry Jones in Spain

As a Hyde United supporter, who not so long ago nearly folded, I have every sympathy for the demise of Kings Lynn FC. It was only because of problems with Kings Lynn's ground that caused Kings Lynn to be relegated and Hyde to be reprieved.

It is a fact that many clubs have folded and will fold in the future over relatively small debts.

It is no good bleating on about Premier Divisions clubs not being bothered because generally they do not care about the smaller clubs. I would add that Manchester City allowed Hyde to have a bucket collection at Eastlands which raised over £8,000.

Despite this, the fact is that not enough money filters down to the lower league and unfortunately there is no will to do anything about it.

Prior to Sky covering Premier league games, Hyde gates for a Monday night game were 900+, now we are lucky to get 300+.

I am sure that this applies to all clubs and unless something to enable more Sky money to filter down, there will be more clubs that go to the wall.
Mesmo from Stockport

I support my home club, Bedford Town, and remember some great games with King's Lynn in the late fifties and early sixties. If you do go out of business, remember it happened to us, in 1982, and we came back and are now where we were then. If we could do it, the Linnets can! All the best.
Mike Crisp from Hornchurch

Very sad to see this happen to yet another non-league club. Too much money in all the wrong places - it's about time the whole structure of football at this level was looked at. Smaller clubs aim too high with very little income, so I'm afraid King's Lynn won't be the last. More money needs to be made available from the the bigger leagues or non-league football will be a thing of the past.
Michael Gibson from Barrow-in-Furness

I don't support King's Lynn but won't it mess up the league. It would mean that there would an odd number in the league.
Lewis from Worthing

Yes it's sad, but... non-league clubs operate way beyond their income and until they are smart enough to pay out less than they generate in income, there will be many more stories like this.

Player wages are always the problem and the equation on how to pay them is simple: realistic gate receipts (what you will attract, not what you hope to) + actual (not fantasy) sponsorship + bar income minus all overheads = the amount you can pay players. If it's peanuts then it has to be peanuts.

I grew up watching non-league football, so love the game at that level, but Premier League clubs have no duty to bail smaller clubs out. The clubs will go back asking for a handout time after time if that happens and will continue to be poorly managed.
Mike from Boston, USA

A sad day for King's Lynn fans. How can a club with so many advantages - ground, fans, catchment area, continually lurch from crisis to crisis. It's another case of wings of wax. Hopefully they will reform and be run on sensible, realistic grounds.
Neil Jensen from Hertfordshire

Real Madrid run a £296 milllon debt and can carry on; King's Lynn wound up for owing pennies, relatively speaking. This tells you everything that's wrong with modern football today.
Mark Turrell from San Francisco, USA

Very, very sad. Former Southern League rivals with my club Yeovil Town, although I was too young to ever get there. Like us, a club with geographical restrictions but large supporter base. Always thought King's Lynn would have been an asset to the Football League.

The authorities shuffling KLFC and Boston about the leagues cannot have helped these clubs, and we now see the ridiculous situation of Gloucester City in Blue Square North.
Tim Lancaster from Yeovil

This is a horrible day for everyone connected to King's Lynn FC - the fans, the players and everyone who worked or helped on match days.

I always used to love going a couple of times a season when I couldn't make Norwich games, and I felt gutted when I heard the news, none of the fans deserved this.

I hope a new club is built soon, and it can grow into a successful well-run club.
Tim Key from Norwich

I would just like to say how sorry I am to hear of another non-league club going out of business.

I am a Boston United fan and I know how the Lynn fans must be feeling as we were once so close to what has happened to King's Lynn FC.

The amount that they owe is half of a Premiership player gets for one week's wage. It is about time the FA started to help these clubs and stop them going out of business. Grassroots footballers are born out of non-league, the more clubs that go under the more UK kids miss out on a chance to become future England players.

Premiership Clubs and the FA hang your heads in shame!

Lynn FC you will rise again - keep your chin up and you will always be welcome at York Street. God Bless.
Nick Edwards from Holbeach, Lincs

During the late 1960s a friend of mine, Bob Richards, then living in Harrow, north-west London, used to travel regularly by train to King's Lynn home games.

He used to speak very highly of the club. I visited lots of non-league grounds, but not yet made it to King's Lynn, I hope I have the chance to do so!
Paul White from Harrow

The Linnets were wound up for £65,000 - about half a Premiership player's weekly wage. King's Lynn has lost something at the heart of its community - the Premiership player will take their week's money back to their mock Tudor home and put it with last week's money and never even know King's Lynn existed in the first place.

Well done FA, we all know how much help you were, that's what FA stands for.
Keith Hick from Hemingford Grey

The club had a buyer, with the money and ability to get the club out of trouble, but the FA refused to let him take over the club as they don't want a sole trader in charge.

Although there is a legal difference between a sole trader and a limited company, they don't seem to have a problem with people owning football clubs outright.

Another football club bites the dust due to ignorance.
Vincent Bradley from Bolton

As a Bradford Park Avenue fan, I'm genuinely sad to see you go under, although there was a sense of inevitability about it over recent days. Recent West Yorkshire experiences at Bradford and Halifax show however that there can be life after death.

There must be enough interested parties in your neck of the woods to resurrect the club. I visited in September and you've got a great ground and excellent fans.

Hopefully there will eventually be light at the end of what at the moment must seem like a very long tunnel.
Steve Horsfield from Halifax

I saw my first professional game of football at The Walks more than 50 years ago - v Bristol City who had John Atyeo playing - a 2-2 draw.

This is disgraceful. Why does a town in Norfolk have to play in the Northern Conference? Adding travel costs and the difficulty of attracting players.

Even with those difficulties Heggs had raised a side mainly from Leices/Warks area to forge a decent side. This is shocking and the local people have to rise up to save the club.
Chris Goodwin, overseas

I kept KLFC alive in the 1990s when the club was in a similar position. The football was poor, but we did the ground improvements that were required by the league.

It is extremely difficult for any non-league club to survive and the league structures make KLFC even more difficult to run.

It is important that King's Lynn has a football club and if any consortium wants help to set up a new club, I am very willing to help.
John Dollimore from Norfolk

Be positve King's Lynn diehards. As a Hatter I have been through not quite but almost the same. Keep the faith and your team will be back!

A Hatter for 25 years.
Alan Reid from Luton

I visited King's Lynn last season when I still lived in the UK as a committee member of Vauxhall Motors FC.

They are good people who ran the club with the best interest of the club at heart. The problem was the Conference with their rules on ground grading, and latterly the FA not allowing a takeover bid to stand at the 11th hour.

The losers in all this, as ever are Ken Bobbins and Tim Coates, but also and possibly more importantly, the fans. The 1,000 hardcore supporters who turned out week in and week out to support their team. My heart goes out to them all.

130 years of footballing history has gone down the drain while the authorities have seemingly, let it happen. RIP King's Lynn.
Andy Wilson from Happy Valley, Canada

This is a heartbreaking day. This was the best season that Lynn have had for years, with a great manager and some fantastic players.

I've travelled up from London for every home game from the pre-season friendlies onwards and I would just like to thank Heggs and the players for the great times that I and my dad have had this season.
Justin Shorten from London

My uncle from Gt Bircham took me to see the Linnets back in the '60s. Although this is the shameful loss of one excellent small club it is a sign of things to come if the big boys keep taking and not giving back.

It will mean nothing for football in this country if the Big Four win everything in England and Europe with imported stars paid for by foreign billionaires. Remember the Premier Division is only premier because of all the other divisions down to local leagues that are holding it up.

If all that is left is just two leagues of professional football who will be left to care? I heard on 606 last Saturday that the players of Stockport at the bottom of League One cannot afford to swop jerseys at the end of a game. Meanwhile some premier players get £100,000 plus per week. This a crazy unequal world where money is the only measure of value and we will pay dear for it.
David from Edinburgh

What a total mess! Well done to the manager - you seem the only sensible one in the club organisation. If the club folds rebuild with people whose hearts are in the club, not just for reward in cash. If the club folds get organised quick with a new club - debt free - and first priority, form and manage a team to bring pride back to King's Lynn.. GOOD LUCK LINNETS !!
Mr Rogers from Wisbech

I cannot believe the citizens of KL will let the linnets crash out of existence. I visit Hunstanton most summers and always enjoy a friendly at the Walks. Come on KL, keep the club going. It is only £1 person!! Good luck.
Hugh from Huddersfield

Its quite disgraceful that a major non-league should be in this position. KL has good crowds and excellent results and prospects in the Conference eventually. trivial sum in football terms is threatening a major area of employment and social interaction.

All non-league football is undermined by the greed at the top and soon people will wonder why home grown talent is non-existent. Clubs like Aylesbury have suffered dreadfully over small finances like this and we can see all around the lack of interest by the Football Leaders to invest in non-league at all. I hope the state of KL will improve and all will realise the stupidity of letting this happen.
Richard from Aylesbury

Very sad. As a Marine fan I am glad that our club is a very tightly run ship without spending money we simply haven't got. King's Lynn were one of the better sides to visit the Arriva Stadium this season. M thoughts with them on Wednesday.
Tony from Liverpool

As a former player to have been 'welcomed' to The Walks during my days with both March Town and Chatteris Town -and a now as a referee to have received an equally warm welcome, I was genuinely and deeply saddened to see the events at King's Lynn. I always found the place a real footballing place to go with partisan supporters and yet once the game was over, hospitable and friendly people.

Whilst 65k is a lot of debt, it does pale into insignificance when put into context of the greed is good leagues.

Clubs like King's Lynn are the life blood of grassroots football and it's demise shatters the loyal following the club has always enjoyed whilst denying younsters the chance to play for their home town club at a proper stadium.

Good luck to all associated and I hope to be able to raise a glass to a last minute benefactor saving a really worthwhile club.
Gary from Oakham

Very sad indeed if the Linnets cease to exist. A long-established club with a proud history brought to its knees for what is in effect, peanuts. Those responsible should hang their heads in shame. I very much hope this is not the end.
Chris from Sutton Coldfield

Such a shame that the directors have allowed this to happen. It's about time HM started to tighten a grip on the tax situation and demand payment on a more regular basis to stop this disease spreading through football.
Paul from Bournemouth

KLFC is as much part of our heritage as the historic buildings, museums et al that we all try to save at all costs. Let us hope that a solution can be found. My late great uncle was a great fan almost from inception: he was born in the early 1900s and would turn in his grave to see today's situation.

Somebody should be held to account for this mess. Oh dear. Poor Linnets. How the really not very mighty at all are fallen.
Paddie from King's Lynn

Thanks to the powers that be promoting the Premiership as 'the biggest brand in Europe' and it becoming more business than sport, this type of thing is going to happen all the more regularly. They're more concerned about squeezing an extra few million out of making all the Premiership sides play a game in Qatar or Korea than they are about giving grassroots football the funding it deserves.

If the plan to make a two-tier Premier League ever comes to fruition, it will be the death knell for lower league football (thankfully, I think it's too preposterous - I hope - to ever happen).

I really hope a solution can be found for King's Lynn.
Mark from Sunderland

Tax over heritage? HMRC knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.
Tim from Clacton

The sad thing is that the whole club's debts mount up to probably about the same amount as a single days pay for some of the Premier League footballers.
Pete from Wellington

Maybe one of the 'super clubs' could make a charitable donation? For them, 65K is just a few minutes of trading.
Steve from London

For God's sake why do Sport England not step in and pay this off. A club doing its best and providing opportunities for young people - the most worthy of causes. What about lottery funding - wasn't this what it was for, not supporting the opera and arts groups!
Jan Sroczynski from St Keyne, Cornwall

The saddest thing about his is the figure mentioned in the article, £65,000. Yes, £65,000. How many Premiership players earn that, or much more, every WEEK? It is sick that a club can go to the wall, with that figure mentioned. We need to devise a new "football player" tax, to bring these players back down to earth.
Dave Agent from King's Lynn

As a loyal linnet and proud supporter of 40 years, I fear this could be the end of the line for the club after 130 years of non-league history. Lynn is one of the best-supported clubs in non-league with many loyal supporters locally and further afield. It's such a shame the men in charge let the club and its potential go down the drain.
Chris Burton from King's Lynn

I hope you can sort your financial problems out. We know all too well the distress this causes the true supporters that non-league football tends to generate. We look forward to seeing you at York Street on Boxing Day!
Phil Joyce from Boston

There must be someone out there that has £70,000 lying around who wants to invest in an amazing club and would become a saviour to thousands of supporters. Let's not let the Linnets die after 130 years!
Ryan from Terrington

King's Lynn Town FC is at the heart of the community. The government is supposed to want to support "communities" and it seems quite happy to allocate funds to new community projects i.e. those that have no track record. Here we have a club that is at the very heart of the community and yet the council, notwithstanding that it presumably has a budget for "community", doesn't seem to want to continue to provide ongoing support. It's also my understanding that there's a shortage of housing in the area. Why not look favourably at the site for residential development to include a good proportion of social housing?

Surely there are developers out there that are looking to speculate with "new build" if they can at least be certain of an income stream from the sale of a proportion of properties to housing associations? In my opinion it's time for the councillors and the business community of King's Lynn to take some positive action.
Lynda from Norwich

I haven't seen the team play for more than 20 years since I moved away from KL, but I still find myself looking out for their scores each week. Decided to make a small donation tonight, really hope KLFC survive.
Gary from Hertfordshire

Come on you Linnets, you are much too important to fold. If Lynn was near a motorway you would be in the Football League. Don't give up.
Mike Smith from Southampton

It's been interesting reading the comments people are making about this sad affair and if you believe them, it would appear everyone except the club knew what was likely to happen.

KLFC was a business that couldn't pay it's debts and therefore that business was no longer viable. However, it is galling when you see clubs like Leeds and Southampton go into administration and seemingly continue trading as normal leaving the huge debts apparently unpaid.

It seems that clubs in the lower echelons of football simply don't have the financial 'nine lives' of the bigger clubs!
Tony Peek from Norwich

This a message to all the big businesses in the town - please get behind the King's Lynn team and help keep the club alive, we cannot have King's Lynn without a football club, it is just not right!
Kaye Hill from King's Lynn

End of an era for the Linnets. Watch clubs like Lowestoft Town snap up these players over the next few weeks!
Richard from Norwich

I think it is very sad to see this club go down. The townspeople of King's Lynn should have rallied round and supported the club by fund raising etc. The club must appeal and continue.
Frank Lally from Galway

Chairman and board must take full responsibility of being in this mess. The relegation from the higher league through mismanagement and bad leadership etc, also paying over the top wages. Cheerio Mr Bobbins and let the club move forward.
Colin Jackson, Downham Market, Norfolk

Lets not let our team die over a measly £65,000. We are the second largest club in Norfolk! A town this size without a football club would be appalling. Start supporting your local teams and keep the community spirit alive!! Please, people of King's Lynn donate to the Blue and Gold Supporters Trust.
Lee Madgwick, King's Lynn, Norfolk

Although I live in Chatteris I come down to watch the linnets every week. It would be such a shame to see this fantastic football club leave. AS WE SAY COME ON KINGS LYNN!!!!!!
Connor James Morton, Chatteris, Cambs

Even though I am now on the other side of the world, I always look up the Linnets' scores every Saturday. Was gutted last season when they got pushed down due to grounds issues which, as others have said, could have been resolved. And to see a link today saying that Linnets were soon to be no more... sad, sad day. I really hope someone in the area can do something, but as it's all been kept in the quiet for so long, there isn't much time. As someone else suggested, maybe a walk round of all the companies asking for help in return for free signage at the Walks for a while... either way, I will keep my fingers crossed that they survive.
Mark B from Halifax, Canada/Snettisham, Norfolk

I noticed that the Lynn News is asking the borough council to bail out the Linnets. Why should they? They are a business and public funds should not support a business that is failing.

If KLFC was being run as a business the management would be looking at ways to increase revenue and cut costs. The major cost is the players wages. Have any of the players volunteered to take a wage cut? Will the club being selling any players?

The main reason the club is in trouble is that with gates of 800/900 it is not viable. The hard facts are that in recent times a number of businesses have gone under and it looks like KLFC will be going the same way. Putting this into perspective at the end of the day it is only a football club and its closure will not have a devastating economic impact on the local community.
Scott from King's Lynn

An awful time for Linnets fans, as a supporter of a team that went the same way I can only say that there is hope, if not to save the current incarnation of the club, but to reform and come back as a new club, perhaps owned by a supporters' trust.

However, I also have to say that this can't have come as a total surprise, surely? I for one was greatly surprised in the summer when, against the backdrop of the club saying they couldn't afford the ground improvements needed to retain their Blue Square North status, they were somehow able to find the money to persuade one of the top scorers in the BSN in 2008/09 (Gareth Sheldon) to drop two divisions from newly-promoted Tamworth, travelling from the Midlands to boot.

For Carl Heggs to say he had no clue of the financial state of the club seems a little hard to believe, and as many followers of non-league football in general would likely attest, what has happened at The Walks had the look of an accident waiting to happen for some time.
Dickster from Telford

I have followed the Linnets for a number of seasons now and I am very upset with this news. I really hope that we can pull through. I know a number of people whose main interest is KLFC. Let's save our club!
Sara Smith from King's Lynn/Coventry

Please! Please! Get this mess sorted! We have too much to lose. If Bobbins can't do it then he should at least take the honourable route out otherwise he will go down in the records for his sins. If David [Handley] has plans in place then it must be better than sticking your head in the ground. Time is running out - you have my vote David. I have been a life long supporter and was a programme seller 41 years ago.

I spoke to 'Heggsie' two weeks ago and we will lose him and his team if we do not put plans in place like yesterday.

I think the current board should do the honourable thing - if David Handley has the resources, we need to have them tomorrow or all our dreams will have been lost. In 1994 when we last went into administration, we were told that they (the new Colin Nichols consortium) would not keep us in the dark. The £150,000 has not crept up upon us over night - the old school are still on another planet.

Does anyone know how to contact Richard Branson or someone - this is just a drop in the ocean for him but with a 130 history maybe someone would like to own their first football club as it is fashionable?
David Bone from King's Lynn

Only one source to blame - the management. The manager, players, the supporters are fantastic. This club has the potential to go far - instead they have gone from crisis to crisis.

How can this be right? People should start supporting their local teams instead of the likes of Chelsea Liverpool.
Martin from King's Lynn

Carl Heggs - legend! In my opinion one of the best young managers around - didn't deserve to inherit off the field poor financial miss management. Fans are gutted, on the pitch this season has been excellent so far in all departments - credit to manager staff and team have delivered. Club have to appeal court ruling, I believe fans can rally and raise money also council could contribute directly. King's Lynn get big support through the turnstiles, the council could be reimbursed on a percentage gate receipt arrangement. Lets do something positive!
W. Gambrill from Stiffkey

I lived in West Winch for two years in the mid-60s and used to watch the Linnets when Malcolm Lindsay, Mick Wright, Norman Coe, etc were in the team. 42 years later and a season ticket holder at the Emirates, I still look out every Saturday for their results.

This would be a disaster for the town, the team, the supporters and everyone connected with the club. Also for football in general. Teams like Lynn are the lifeblood of English football. Is there no-one in the town prepared to stand up and be counted to save Lynn? Good luck to you all. Keep the faith.
Maurice Bedwell from Sutton, Surrey

I cannot believe that this was kept from the supporters until now when it is too late. What chance do we now have to try to raise the money? What happened to the case from the cup run a few years ago? The chairman should do a press statement and arrange a meeting at the corn hall to explain to the fans what has been going on.
Steve Barnes from Padworth, Berkshire

KLFC are a classic example of what is wrong with the game in the UK. The crowd who run the game have allowed far too much revenue to go in at the top end, resulting in Premiership League clubs paying players crazy sums, while further down the leagues loyal and hard-working people struggle to keep their club going.
Philip Greenwood from Bury St Edmunds

As a football fan I cannot understand how this has come to a head as it has. Why not tell the supporters of the problem before it got to this. Like Norwich one has to wonder, with the crowds they get. Where has the money gone? I hope they find a way out of this problem.
Peter Bates from Drayton

An exiled Linnet, can't really believe it all, has taken me a day to digest and let what's happening really sink in. I don't know what chances we have of surviving in the present form. But it hurts when five generations of my family have been through the gates, memories of standing there with my late Grandad, telling me how Dad sat up on the scoreboard when the ground was packed out as usual. Personal opinions and anger are on hold at the moment. Just need to see where we can go from here as any kind of football team.
Martyn from Boston

It would be such a shame if the football club had to close. It has been part of the town for years. I used to go with my dad all the time to watch the Linnets, and now he and my little brother go all the time to both home and away matches. King's Lynn without the Linnets would be like Morecombe without Wise.
Emmylou from King's Lynn

Not a footie fan and never been to a match, but this is pretty outrageous. The KLFC is a family-friendly institution and historically important. Need a sponsor and decent management fast! Suggest approaching Adrian Flux, Brundles - anyone and everyone! Stephen Fry, even.
A Walton from King's Lynn

I have followed Lynn all my life, my Uncle is a life-long supporter and my Grandfather was on the board. To lose the club would be a huge blow to the town but as has been stated, bad boardroom decision after another has left the club in this state.

People have come and gone that could have helped this club progress but the board have never given anybody a reason to stay. Small-minded people have been running the club for too long and now it's taken its toll. I feel sorry for the town more then anything!
Martyn from King's Lynn

A Premiership club should help lower club when they reach financial problems like this.
Una from West Walton

I am really sad to see my home town club go the wall, especially as they have been playing so well in recent months. However, I was not too surprised that this has happened as I have not had much confidence in the board since last season's debacle over relegation from the Conference North which appears could have been solved by a little more determination and communication.

When I saw that fans were being told not to worry over the tax bill which seems to date back over several years, I was not convinced all was well. The finance director walking out after a matter of weeks was also not a good sign.

Is there still a chance for the £65,000 to be cleared through local effort? Would the council as the owners of The Walks be prepared to stump up some/all of the cash?

If Lynn were to be promoted back to the Conference North it could be argued it would be good for the local economy and a return on the council's investment. It's just a thought but I would also be concerned about the possibility of putting good money after bad. Another Black Wednesday!
Martin Sheppard from Pilning near Bristol

As a Boston United fan living in Norfolk I know just what it's like for supporters of King's Lynn lurching on the brink of oblivion and being relegated for reasons totally unconnected with performances on the pitch. Be assured Linnets supporters, you are in the thoughts of Pilgrims fans.

I hope you survive and make it to York Street for the scheduled Boxing Day clash we have all been looking forward to. Keep fighting, there's still time to save your club.
Michael Clarke from Overstrand

Unfortunately the football community, as Linnets followers already know from last season, does not seem to care very much for supporters when their club is in trouble. Boston were relegated when they came out of administration just three days late! Debts cleared, but did that matter? Certainly not. Hit the supporters.
Tony Goor from Boston

My fingers are very crossed for you Linnets! As an avid BUFC supporter I know how this feels. I just hope you can recover as we had to - and still are. All the best.
Dave from Boston

This is sad and bad. Sad for Lynn, bad for the area. The Linnets have a great ground at The Walks, and no nearby similar clubs for fans to follow. Cannot some of the big industries of the town weigh in and save it, even now at its last breath? Clubs like these need saving!

Small is beautiful. There is an outrageously unjust side to football now. Big clubs swimming in money, small ones going to the wall. Rescue and recover the club before it's too late.
Jo Anderson from Norwich

For a fraction of Wayne Rooney's wages this club could have been saved. It just shows the unfairness of the present football world - disgusting!
Kevin Hitchcock from Downham Market

It was sad to hear this. My great grandfather played for King's Lynn from the early 1912 onwards and stayed there for 10 years. Top goal-scorer Alfred Ransome was born and bread in King's Lynn so the town has special memories to my family, most of all whom lived there all their lives and often went to support him. Wish I could do something to help, unfortunately financially impossible.
Miss Irving from Norfolk

I've been paying through the turnstiles since 1972. One common theme seems to recur, complete and utter bad boardroom management. They have now reaped what they have sown and to hell with us supporters.
Roy from King's Lynn

How can a town of the size of King's Lynn let the football club down in this. Look at the big multimillion factories etc in the town, surely a few of them could sponsor the Linnets in this instance to save the club. There are clubs owing millions of pounds, how come they survive? One week to save the Linnets - strike now.
I Rogers from Wisbech

If this is to be the end of the Linnets then is a very sad day for me! Last night having worked my way through the Youth, A and Reserve teams I made my 1st team debut! That was my proudest moment of my career along with winning the Senior Cup last year with the reserves.

The fans deserve much better than this who turn out in their hundreds for home matches and I have seen follow us all the way to away games such as Kendle out their own pocket. As a boyhood fan and player myself I feel let down! Let alone these loyal fans paying out their own pocket to watch us! I hope there's a way out and a game on Saturday.
Ally McAnally from Downham Market

Absolute disgrace. Just feels like the fans have been lied to. After the debacle with being relegated last year because the board can't manage to install some flood lights, this adds insult to injury. Why didn't we start fundraising 6 weeks ago when the extension was applied for? All we hear from the chairman is 'not to worry' and 'it's all sorted'. Bobbins and Chinn hang your heads in shame.
Oli from Battersea

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