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Page last updated at 16:03 GMT, Tuesday, 3 November 2009
Ten Town Tour: King's Lynn

King's Lynn market
King's Lynn, like many towns in Norfolk, hosts a very popular market

King's Lynn is a town and port in west Norfolk, home to more than 36,000 people and it is the third largest settlement in the county after Norwich and Great Yarmouth.

King's Lynn was home to Captain George Vancouver, born in the town in 1757. His voyages took him most famously, to Canada, where he founded the town, which now bears his name.

At the heart of the old town, and overshadowed by the 12th century church of St Margaret, is the Saturday Market Place, with a Tuesday market also held in the town.

The North End, or Fishers End, in King's Lynn was the site of the town's fishing community. It was a self-contained world with its own traditions, shops, pubs, churches and school.

Modern day King's Lynn is very different with a lively high street, a Unibond League football team and two speedway teams, with the Stars being high-flyers in the Premier League. It also hosts popular festivals of music every summer.

BBC Norfolk drives into King's Lynn's Vancouver Quarter (by D2) on Friday, 27 November, 2009.


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