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Page last updated at 11:58 GMT, Tuesday, 20 October 2009 12:58 UK
Norfolk inventor's doggy doorbell
George Moore and Patch demonstrating the Dog's Doorbell

A Norfolk man has come up with a winning idea to stop pooch owners being hounded by their dog's yapping.

George Moore, from Sharrington, near Holt, invented the doggy doorbell so pet lovers know when fido wants to be let in following a scamp in the garden.

Mr Moore had the light bulb moment after being driven barking mad with his dog's howls and door scratching.

"As soon as he had the bell outside he stopped the barking and the scratching straight away," said George.

The 64-year-old now sells the Dog's Doorbell through his website.

The doorbell works in tandem with a remote pressure pad outside the door.

When the pooch places his paw on the pad, it rings a bell in the house meaning he's ready to be let in - without a woof to be heard.

George designed the product in 2001 after his dog, a Collie-cross called Patch, sparked the idea.

After having them manufactured in China, he appeared on BBC One's Best Inventions show a year later.

George, who used to be a builder and now supplies firewood, admits he found the business world daunting at first.

"I've learnt a lot as it was something I'd never done before," he said.

George's idea has caught on, but he says he's not ready to enter the Dragon's Den just yet.

For more information, visit The Dog's Doorbell website.



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