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Page last updated at 16:16 GMT, Friday, 31 December 2010
Bee Part Of It: End of year report from Felbrigg Hall
Beekeeper lifts the hive's lid
One of the BBC's bee buddies with the hive at Felbrigg Hall last summer

In 2010 BBC Norfolk took part in the Bee Part Of It campaign by setting up its own hive at Felbrigg Hall.

Avid beekeepers Fiona Lilley and Elaine Gibbs, who cared for the colony, have given us an end-of-year report.

Throughout the summer the pair reported on the bees' progress as part of a drive by the BBC to increase the national number of honeybees.

Fiona and Elaine moved the bees into the hive from their small nucleus box, back in May for a fruitful summer.

Fiona said: "The colony built up very well throughout the year and we got a reasonable crop of honey from a newly-established hive.

"We cropped honey mid-August and we had about 30-35lbs of honey from the BBC hive which was quite good.

"We've done all we can to try to give it the best possible chance of going through the winter.

"There isn't any guarantee these days that you can expect the colony to survive but we've prepared it in the best way possible by feeding it up in the autumn time with copious amounts of sugar syrup and sugar paste.

"The bees store it in their frames and that's what keeps them going over the winter.

"That's their only food source through the winter when it's too cold to go out.

"They were also treated for the diseases that bees suffer now and autumn time is a medication time, so a combination of the treatment and a good supply of food, fingers crossed, will see them through."

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