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Mike Page: Norfolk from the air
Hickling Broad (Photo: Mike Page)
Mike's photograph collection stretches to more than 60,00 images

Not happy with seeing Norfolk the same way as everyone else, Mike Page has taken more than 60,000 photographs of Norfolk so he can share his passion.

The pictures are taken while he flies over Norfolk in a Cesena light aircraft based at Seething Airfield.

"I love people seeing what I see, I wish I could take everyone up and show them," said Mike.

Mike has also published a number of books with photographs of Norfolk from the air, with profits going to charity.

Mike's appreciation for Norfolk's beauty began shortly after he left school, when he decided to use his woodworking skills and got himself a job at a local boat builders in Thorpe.

"I did enjoy the Broads - we used to run the hire fleets and take people out and teach them how to use them, or crash them!" said Mike.

After working for a number of different boat builders, Mike ended up working at Brundall where he plied his trade as a marine engineer.

Now Mike sees the Broads from a much different perspective, but he can notice several differences since working at the boat yard.

Mike Page
Mike has been flying around Norfolk for more than 35 years

"The main difference is the water quality - it's gone from clear, through the murky stages in the 70s and 80s, and starting to get a bit clearer now," he said.

Despite concerns about coastal erosion and its knock-on effect on the Broads, Mike doesn't think the shape of the Broads has changed dramatically.

"The river shapes haven't changed much - lately the only changes have been made because of the flood defence schemes," he said.

Digital images

Mike's passion for photography reignited in the 1990s when he started to ease back on work and spend more time doing his other hobby - flying.

It was 1970 when Mike first learned to fly, whereas his photography skills were picked up even earlier.

"I started photography when I was at school in Beccles. I started with black and white, went through slides, film, and now digital," he said.

And Mike has continued to photograph Norfolk from land and air for the last 50 years.

"I love the different colours that you see, the different lights, shadows, sunsets and the reeds - it's fantastic," he said.

Norfolk Broads

Mike's collection of photographs is so vast that in 2007 he got his book, A Broads Eye View, with images captured from his aeroplane.

Barton Broad (Photo: Mike Page)
Mike has taken thousands of pictures of the Norfolk Broads

In the book, Mike follows the rivers which help to make up the Broads from their source.

"Each river has its own history. If you trace the course of the rivers like I did, there are some brilliant stories," he said.

"I like the old water mills that are on the Broads and some of them still work, like the one at Letheringsett. They really are historic items," he added.

The books proved so popular, they sold out within months and are due to be reprinted.

All of the profits raised by the book go direct to a local charity.

"Any photos that I take and sell raise money for the children's hospice or The Big C," said Mike.

For more information on Mike and his books, visit his website.


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