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A guide to Norfolk's coast walks
The view from Skelding Hill (photo supplied)
Norfolk has miles of beautiful coastline to walk around

Norfolk's stunning scenery, from remote beaches to woodland, is being portrayed through the eyes of author Tony Rothe.

The north Norfolk author has created a walking guide that goes all around the county's coastline.

Each walk is fairly short and aimed at the part-time walker, a gap in the market that Tony spotted.

"This is very much appealing to the leisure walker, people who want a short walk rather than go out for three or four hours walking seriously," he said.

Tony has always enjoyed walking and Norfolk's scenery, so combining the two in his book, A Boot Up the Norfolk Coast, was a dream come true.

Living in Norwich as a child, he was never happier than when staying at his parents' caravan at Beeston Regis. He would spend many hours walking on cliffs and beaches, cycling through the countryside, or just absorbing the stunning coastline views.

When he retired, Tony was given a book of Norfolk walks as a goodbye gift and this was the catalyst that inspired his guide.

The view of Cromer Beach
North Norfolk has an array of locations to discover, including Cromer Pier

"When I left Norwich Union in 2003, I was given a book of walks as a leaving present and they were all long walks," said Tony.

He soon realised that the length of the walks may prove prohibitive to some people.

"They started at about four miles and went up to 10 and I thought 'There must be a market for short walks? I know lots of short walks in north Norfolk, so lets get some of them written down'," he said.

Turning them into a book wasn't his original plan.

"I started going round recording them, writing them down for a database for myself really," said Tony.

"Then I thought I might as well try and get some of these published. I searched around and a friend put me in touch with Halsgrove, who said they'd take it on," he added.

The book not only outlines the walks but also features maps, colour photographs and a historical snapshot of the area.

"I know a little bit about the local history around here. I love this area, so I'm keen to find out more about it," said Tony.

"Certainly as far as north Norfolk is concerned, I know a few little bits and pieces and that's why I've been able to put a bit of local colour in my book," he added.

More walks

A Boot up the Norfolk Coast features 12 short walks between Castle Rising and Overstrand, but Norfolk's diversity means that Tony has plans for more.

"There's so much variety in north Norfolk. That's partly where the inspiration for this book came from. The walks aren't all monotonous and the same as each other," he said.

"I've got enough material for four more walks along the Norfolk coast and I'm starting to gather information on Broad walking as well," he added.

A Boot Up the Norfolk Coast is available in book shops at £4.99 and is published by Halsgrove.

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