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APB All Points Bulletin: Atlas&i and Avosetta star
David Keller, BBC Norfolk
By David Keller
BBC Norfolk

Atlas and I (phot by Danny Sambuca)
Atlas&i have been signed by Small Town Records

Two Norwich bands are set to gain worldwide exposure with their tracks being featured in a new computer game.

Norwich bands Atlas&i and Avosetta have had their hard-hitting music plucked for the soundtrack to the 18-rated PC game APB All Points Bulletin.

The gang rivalry-based game is set to be an international smash for Grand Theft Auto developers Realtime Worlds.

"It's really exciting to have something published by them," said Ben Piper, bass player from Atlas&i.

Atlas&i had their song The Sleepless Crusade selected for the game and Of Our Lives by Avosetta was also picked.

The game, released on 1 July 2010, will be distributed by Electronic Arts (EA) - responsible for many of the world's most successful computer games.

Both tracks are featured in the game's in-game scenarios and on the artists' programme section of the online title, alongside more established acts.

"Robbie, our guitarist, knows one of the guys who works at Realtime Worlds and he had heard some of our material and got in contact saying he liked it," said Atlas&i vocalist Matt Snelling.

New audience

APB All Points Bulletin takes its inspiration from one of the most successful computer game franchises of all time and the band hope that it will expose their music to a new audience.

"It's very much based around Grand Theft Auto [GTA] and it's going to be pretty popular. It's going to give us loads of positive exposure," said Ben.

"The amount of people that play computer games - especially the kind of game like GTA - will lap it up so there's going to be so many new people who will get a chance to hear our music," said Matt.

After hearing about Atlas&i's success, Avosetta also got in on the act.

"We looked at [Atlas&i] being on the game and there was an open slot, so we sent it off and they seemed to like it enough," said Jack Burden, guitarist from Avosetta.

"We've wanted to do it for a while - we're quite lucky but want to pursue it again in the future. Film is the ultimate soundtrack aim," he added.

Recently signed

Following on from their computer game success, Atlas&i have recently been signed by Small Town Records.

Avosetta (photo by Ryan Mason)
Avosetta's music will also feature in APB All Points Bulletin

"We released a double single independently on iTunes so for them [Small Town Records] to purely sign us on those two songs was obviously a big step for them," said Matt.

"It's a great opportunity for us - there are so many bands around this area that would dream to be in our shoes at the moment," he added.

The band are currently working on their first Small Town release - an album due out later in 2010.

"In the last two weeks we've been in the studio - we haven't seen sunlight for two weeks," said Ben.

"We've all got a rough copy of how it's sounding already and I can't stop listening to it," he added.

Tracks by both bands will be featured on the official soundtrack of APB All Points Bulletin which will be released later in the year.

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