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King's Lynn's underground label
Amy Wilkes, BBC Blast Reporter
By Amy Wilkes
BBC Blast Reporter, Norfolk

Mark from Egress Records, King's Lynn (Photo: Egress)
Mark has run Egress Records in King's Lynn since 2008

Egress Records is hoping to make King's Lynn's underground music better known by throwing the best west Norfolk bands into the spotlight.

The label, which started in 2008, focuses on original music and hopes to inspire more musicians in the area.

"I would like Egress to be a community where people can work together," said Mark Back, label owner.

Distant Guns, Papertiger Sound and Synth Punk Disco Panzer are already making waves with the help of Mark.

"I want to form artistic links, whether that's in music or any other form of the arts," he said.

Egress Records, which distributes its artist's music almost solely via the internet, hopes to discover musicians who wouldn't usually get exposure.

"I'm sure that there are more bands and artists at work in King's Lynn somewhere, the difficulty is finding out about them," said Mark.

Local music scene

Papertiger Sound
A darker, post-punk outfit that are "a transatlantic project created in 2006". They met in Leeds, but now write their music from different countries
Members are Dan Gelder and Kerstin Wilson
Having worked with Shifty Disco and Norfolk's Hungry Audio label, they first released their This Is How It Ends EP through Egress

As an experienced musician, Mark started the label when his former musical outfits called it a day.

"I still wanted to be involved in the local music scene," he said.

His favourite music styles spurred him on to select the artists he works with; bands which he describes as "self produced, multi-instrumental projects".

In addition to running his label, Mark also puts on live performances and multimedia events.

"I always found that it was very hard to get anyone to hear your music if it is created in a bedroom-come-studio environment," he said.

One hindrance to his hopes for the record company is the lack of a concise music scene in King's Lynn, as most of Norfolk's music is focussed around Norwich's thriving array of bands.

"I think Norwich is very well catered for in virtually all areas, but move away and it's a different story," said Mark.

"I'm sure there is probably a scene that I am totally unaware of, but from what I see it revolves mostly around covers bands.

"King's Lynn is going through a bit of an arts renaissance at the moment and I hope Egress can be part of that in a small way," he added.

A DIY band who spark similarities to post-punk bands such as Gang Of Four with a front-man who sounds like a tuneful Mark E Smith
Members include Mr Deathray from Manchester and Mr Riviera from Staffordshire
Their newest EP of three, The Redundant Pioneer, includes We Set Sail From Granada Land and features a Park Life-esque, very British rant
Previous releases include The Complacent Pacifist and The Peaceful Technophobe; all three are themed

Small pub venues and clubs such as The Acoustic Kitchen are trying to encourage local talent to perform and local audiences to be enthusiastic.

"I have a small, growing band of dedicated supporters who come to each and every gig without fail, with the maximum attendance in October 2008 of around 56 people," said Pete at The Acoustic Kitchen.

"The musicians are predominantly acoustic and most of them write their own music," he said.


The first release on Egress Records was This Is How It Ends, an ethereal, post-punk EP by The Papertiger Sound.

They now have more artists and cater for a variety of music, including Fat Benjamin; an electronic artist who hopes to remix some Egress' back catalogue as well as showcase his own work.

Mark is enthusiastic in his plans to develop Egress as a record company even further.

"I am still very keen to hear from more bands and artists and anyone else that feels they could help the label develop," he said.

The company are currently focussing on future releases and pushing their most recent, The Redundant Pioneer by Distant Guns.

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