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Page last updated at 08:52 GMT, Tuesday, 28 July 2009 09:52 UK
Making the music video with Kuda
By David Keller
BBC Norfolk


Music video: Fake Traitors - Kuda

North Norfolk three-piece Kuda emptied their pockets to make a music video for their single Fake Traitors.

The video was shot in various locations in the north of the county, including King's Lynn and Hunstanton.

"We used all of our own funds to do it, but we'd love to do it again," said Keith from Kuda.

The video, based around a poker game, was shown at the BBC Norfolk Music Video Festival on Monday, 29 June, 2009, at The Forum in Norwich.

The video was created using the expertise of Norfolk freelance film-makers Peter Naylor and Paul Joy, the former of whom runs his film company Fall Time Productions at just 22 years old.

For an unsigned band such as Kuda to make a leap into the expensive world of HD film-making was a bold move and something they had to put much thought into.

"As a debut video it's worked out pretty well. It's been brilliant working with Pete and Paul and we've had some brilliant people to come and act in it," said Keith.

Still from music video Fake Traitors by Kuda (Copyright: Peter Naylor)
The video was inspired by the film Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels

"I think making a video is a brilliant way to get people to listen to your song. Even if they don't instantly like the track, if it's an interesting video, people will watch the whole thing," he added.

"It cost a couple of thousand in the end. It was on a tight budget, but we managed to get a lot done for free - I don't think you get that idea too much from the film! We had family and friends make appearances," said Peter Naylor, director of the music video.

Video concept

The concept of the video for Fake Traitors was based around a British cult film favourite directed by Guy Richie.

"It was one of our first songs we had written that had a story and we thought it would be interesting to tell it through video. We thought it was a bit 'Lock Stocky', so we just went with that theme," said Keith.

"The whole story is about this one bloke who has a pretty bad life and he tries to take on four of the richest men in Britain at a game of poker. He manages to hustle them out of £25million, but it all goes slightly wrong… you'll have to watch the rest to find out!" said Peter.

With such a small crew and limited funds, much time and preparation had to go into the making of the video.

"We had to tweak bits here and there, but in the end it turned into a bit of a feature film," said Peter.

"Shoot dates went on for a lot longer to make sure we put the whole story across. We had about four or five days of shooting - there's normally about two weeks pre-production for that and then another two weeks editing it all afterwards," he added.

The key to the success of any film is often the location, and Peter, Paul and the band found the answers right on their doorstep.

"We used Manor Park holiday resort in Hunstanton as a location to film the band and did general shots around King's Lynn for the chase scene. We then filmed the poker game in The Feathers Hotel in Dersingham," said Keith.

"It was just a case of trying to find somewhere that fitted with the ideas, and we had it all right here!" said Peter.

With record companies cutting back on big video budgets, Peter believes that creativity isn't being stifled in the film industry.

Peter Naylor and Paul Joy (standing left and right) making the music video for Fake Traitors by Kuda
The full video was shown in HD at the BBC Norfolk Music Video Festival

"I regularly try and keep my eye out to see what people are doing. With equipment costs coming down in price, it's allowing a lot more people who didn't have an option to have a go at filming, and it's producing some really intriguing stuff," he said.

"You see lots of things being 'green screened' these days and there's some pretty amazing stuff out there, particularly with motion graphics," he added.

Video festival

Prior to the event, Kuda were looking forward to seeing people's reactions when their video appeared in its full hi-definition glory at the BBC Norfolk Music Video Festival, in Fusion at The Forum, Norwich.

"I'd love to know what everyone thinks of our video, I think it's shot really well and we're very proud of it," said Keith.

"I was very shy at our first video launch, but it was great seeing the reactions on people's faces and I can't wait to see those looks again."

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