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Page last updated at 18:45 GMT, Friday, 4 February 2011
Latest: VoluME digital magazine

VoluME magazine extract for April 2009

VoluME is a monthly e-magazine that features the latest on the Norfolk music scene and has details of the volunteering opportunities available for young people in the county.

VoluME also lets you know what's happening on BBC Introducing in Norfolk - the weekly radio show that promotes new local music talent, with features on bands and gigs for the month ahead.

New-look issue

The new-look issue covers February 2011 and features top Norfolk promoter Howlback Hum giving their top local artist tips for the new year, plus an inside-look at rising stars Olympians.

VoluME is created by a team of volunteers who share their talents to create a fun and breezy magazine. It's eco-friendly too, as it's accessed through the internet and not distributed in print.

"It's a chance for people to learn new skills in the production of the magazine and let others know more about the local music scene," said VoluME editor Jacqui Burgoyne.

"We have people writing articles, researching band information, finding out about gigs and taking photos too," she added.

Jacqui Burgoyne working on VoluME magazine
VoluME editor Jacqui works with volunteers to produce the magazine

The magazine is supported by vinvolved and BBC Introducing in Norfolk.

By creating volunteering opportunities, vinvolved helps young people develop new and existing skills so they can boost their CV and contribute positively to their community.

BBC Introducing in Norfolk is broadcast every Friday night from 7 to 8pm on BBC Radio Norfolk, playing the best bands and artists from across our patch.

"Norfolk has one of the most vibrant local music scenes in the country," said Gary Standley, producer of BBC Norfolk Introducing.

"Our programme reflects this and being able to let people know what's coming up and encouraging people to go to gigs can only help build the scene further," he added.

To get involved in VoluME, send an e-mail to the production team.

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