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Poems: Norwich

by Gervelie Kouloungou (13), working with Lisa D'Onofrio
Blogging Norfolk contributor

Eaton Park

Eaton Park a place for all

Boys and girls, mums and dads

There's a space to suit all you need

There's a quiet green

For you to read

There's a football pitch

For you to compete

If you have a child

A playground with swings will

Be all you need, to keep them happy.

All colourful and big

Eaton Park has all you need

A golf course, a basketball court

A running track, a tennis court

And so much more

It is an amazing place

Calm, peaceful, playful and neat.

The Forum

The Forum

Glass and metal


Voices rise and mix

People meet

People watch

People do their own thing

'Norwich is like a'

Norwich is like a

Norwich = rabbit

Norwich = white

Norwich = fish and chips

Norwich = wind

Norwich = daisy

Norwich = N-Dubz

Norwich = history book

Norwich = banana

Norwich = sofa

Market haiku, Norwich haiku, My Norwich

Market haiku

grey pigeons waiting

shouting stall holders voices carry

along the aisles

Norwich haiku

Small centred city

Closed to strangers until known

Some people call home

My Norwich

Norwich is not too big and not too small

People keep themselves to themselves

Until you open up

And now I can't imagine

Living anywhere else

The Beginning

The Beginning

Norwich Castle on top

The king lays out his dark red cloak

The city's heart starts

Saturday in Norwich

Saturday in Norwich

Wake up

Dress up

Make up

Phone friend

Meet up

Walk in

Look round

Try on

Hang out

Eat now

Look more

Strawberry shake

Spend some

Sit out

Say bye

Walk home

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