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Mundesley Encounters local art
By David Keller
BBC Norfolk

Beyond Portraiture by Jacqui Jones
Jacqui Jones is exhibiting her photography piece Beyond Portraiture

The village of Mundesley is embracing contemporary art in the Tadeusz Kantor inspired Mundesley Encounters.

The performance art showcase, incorporating the Mundesley Players, has been funded by the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts (SCVA) in Norwich.

"We are very excited about the events in Mundesley," said Bee Farrell, Culture of the Countryside community manager at SCVA.

The exhibition is continuing on 20 September and 4 October, 2009.

Kantor, the late and influential Polish contemporary artist, had a commemorative gallery displayed at SCVA until 30 August, as part of Polska! Year and Contemporary Art Norwich 2009.

Continuing the Kantor theme, the north Norfolk seaside village will showcase work from professional artists Marcela Trsova, Jemma Watts, Jacqui Jones and Julia Parry-Jones, along with help from the local public.

The artists adapt Kantor's work in original and compelling visual showcases.

Time and Duration took place on Mundesley Beach (filmed by BBC Voices)

"I took Kantor's imagery as a starting point and went from there, " said Marcela.

"I normally work in 3D, so my performance is a new thing for me and it's really exciting," she added.

The events in Mundesley have been set up by the Culture of the Countryside, SCVA's three year outreach project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, which began in October 2007.

SCVA has been working with schools and communities across Norfolk using its world art handling collection as a starting point to explore current environmental and heritage issues, as well as helping to build community relationships outside of Norwich.

Live performance

The first visual display, Time and Duration, started at Mundesley beach on Sunday, 6 September, 2009.

The live performance by Marcela Trsova, supported by the Mundesley Players, looked to touch on the poignant theme of coastal erosion that greatly affects the Norfolk coastline.

The performers, dressed in black, created a triangle formation on the beach and moved in sequence as the tide came in.

"In my work I look at the local community and how coastal erosion really changes people's lives," said Marcela, prior to the event.

"The performance shows how people come to terms with the changing landscape.

"My piece is symbolic with the tide washing in on the performer's feet and then moving away, showing how communities and the environment are closely interlinked," she added.

On Sunday, 13 September, 2009, another live performance titled 7 Hour Home took place at Gold Park between 10am and 1pm.

Mundesley beach huts (Photo: Jacqui Jones)
Mundesley Encounters brings performance art to north Norfolk

The entire contents of a house, arranged in to rooms, formed the set for the Mundesley Players who improvised the characters who may have lived there.

Created by Jemma Watts, the performance was a response to Tadeusz Kantor's fascination with everyday objects that only have a value to their owner.

The first of two live photography exhibitions by artist Jacqui Jones titled Beyond Portraiture starts Sunday, 20 September, 2009, where a selection of unique photographs will be projected onto Mundesley Maritime Museum from 8pm.

Jacqui has been photographing local residents and uncovering Mundesley's rich cultural heritage and identity for this display.

Her work has been inspired by Tadeusz Kantor's belief in the 'anti-exhibition', a format of display which contradicts conventional patterns.

"In using such an iconic building I feel I embed the community into the heritage of the village," said Jacqui.

The artist's second event Face to Face takes place until 26 September, 2009, and features photographs of the artists who have taken part in Mundesley Encounters.

The pictures, which will be displayed at the seafront shelter in Beach Road, will be on mirrored glass so the viewer can put their own face in the frame and let it merge with those of the artists.

"Face is Face is really fun and interactive," said Jacqui.


Culminating Mundesley Encounters, Extraordinary provides a unique art trail through Mundesley on Sunday, 4 October, 2009, beginning at Café B at 2pm.

Julia Parry-Jones, artist
Julia Parry-Jones is encouraging Norfolk residents to get involved in art

The work on display will reflect local skills and crafts such as embroidery, jewellery making, painting and wood carving. It has been created by local people in a series of workshops led by artist Julia Parry-Jones.

The remaining workshops take place on 20 and 27 September, 2009, at Mundesley's Coronation Hall before the Norfolk resident's work is put on display in the October exhibition.

"I hope people will show off their artistic flare and learn some new skills at the same time, whilst hopefully passing some on to others," said Julia.

"We will be using discarded objects that have no value and I hope we can recycle them and make some desirable pieces of art," she added.

Julia is looking for any Norfolk residents interested in creating embroidery, jewellery, paintings and wood carvings to get involved in the September workshops.

Telephone 01603 465984 or send her an e-mail for more information.

Mundesley Encounters takes place in the north Norfolk village on 6, 13, 20 September and 4 October, 2009, with the Face to Face exhibition running until 26 September, 2009.

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