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Group works to save green space

Penglais wood, Aberystwyth
The group wants people to voice ideas for improvement of green spaces

Greener Aberystwyth Group (GAG) is a voluntary organisation drawn from local individuals who have an interest and pride in Aberystwyth and a concern for the survival of its green spaces. GAG's secretary Meg Kirby tells us more about the work done by the group.

Aberystwyth's green spaces vary from school grounds to university sports fields and from small rock and gorse outcrops to woodland and riversides.

All of which are significant as havens for wildlife and as breathing spaces for townsfolk and visitors.

GAG's members provide considerable expertise in environmental and wildlife issues and work alongside the Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) and the local councils to give advice on the environmental impact of planning issues and future development of Aberystwyth.

The restoration of a small stream known locally as the Plas Crug ditch has resulted in a small improvement in biodiversity
Meg Kirby

Aberystwyth's street trees have been identified and mapped by GAG supporters and with grant aid from CCW a major project surveying local green spaces was completed.

A habitat survey was commissioned and results presented as Geographic Information System (GIS) layers for inclusion in Ceredigion County Council's GIS facility for reference in future planning.

Ongoing, but no less significant, work includes the planting of trees in school grounds.

Continued liaison with schools to give advice and practical help with school gardens and wildlife areas is important.

GAG is keen to involve pupils in these educational and fun projects.

The restoration of a small stream known locally as the Plas Crug ditch has resulted in a small improvement in biodiversity.

Regular litter removal is carried out, and some newts and small fishes have been recorded.

Green spaces

Passers by have sometimes stopped and told the volunteers that they have seen a heron and a kingfisher.

GAG would like to attract as many local people as possible to voice ideas for improvement of their green spaces and to offer help in the maintenance of these places.

Recently a bilingual leaflet explaining the aims and activities of GAG was launched.

GAG is hoping to have school sixth-formers undertake voluntary work as part of the Welsh Baccalaureate.

Drawing up and completing a survey form to analyse access provision to Aberystwyth green spaces is a proposed GAG project that could involve these pupils working alongside members.

Accessibility is an important aspect for protection of green spaces.

GAG has a website produces a regular newsletter and has a website which you can access via a link on the right hand side of this page.

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