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DJ Aphrodite returns to perform in his hometown

DJ Aphrodite
DJ Aphrodite will visit Aberystwyth for the first time since he was three-years-old

DJ Aphrodite is a producer, jungle, and drum and bass DJ, commonly referred to as the Godfather of Jungle. On 30 January 2010 he performed at Aberystwyth University. Here he answers a few questions about his life and work.

I believe your real name is Gavin King and you were born in Aberystwyth. Could you tell us a bit more about your memories of the town?

Yes, My family lived there for about eight years and moved back to London when I was two or three-years-old. I remember the beach and playing in the sand, and my sisters singing 'Dau Gi Bach'.

How and why did you get into the House Music scene in the 1980s?

It was all to do with the Acid House scene in London in 1988. Pirate radio and the acid house nights gave rise to a whole new music and party scene. I got infected and my previous love of DJing from the mid-eighties came through buying records and putting on parties whilst at University of Warwick, called 'Aphrodite', God of Love during the Summer of love.

DJ Aphrodite
DJ Aphrodite is set to tour Australia and the United States later this year

What do you count as your career highlights so far.

Some of the best moments have been playing a great party and seeing your own tracks go down really well. A massive highlight was DJing the dance tent at Glastonbury around the turn of the millennium. I was very nervous beforehand but myself and Mickey (Finn) ended up rocking the place, 30,000 or so enthusiastic ravers with rewinds on some of my own tracks.

DJing the largest ever exclusively DnB party in St Petersburg last year was also great. A sea of people from the stage. It's not the biggest parties that are counted as highlights, it's all to do with atmosphere, like five rewinds of the same track in a row at Notting Hill Carnival one year which sparked mayhem.

I remember DJing a boat party at the Miami Winter Music Conference and even when just one deck worked the dancing on each part of the boat never stopped.

Hearing my tracks in movies and TV such as episodes of CSI is also really rewarding as well as signing autographs to a hundred people in a large huddle in the USA and Russia.

I've also been able to visit many amazing places whilst travelling, The Great Wall in China, the outback in Australia, Lake Baykal in Siberia as examples also make me feel lucky to do what I do.

Could you tell us a bit more about your DJing commitments around the world.

Practically each weekend I'm flying somewhere to DJ. The actual travelling is not so glam, it involves hours of flying, driving and waiting around, but once you get there, the parties always have a great atmosphere.

The Rome event was great on New Year's Eve last month. I find that after playing in a city, you end up visiting again a few months later, and end up doing cities nearby.

I have tours of Australia and the USA coming up as well as visits to Russia, Europe and at home in the UK.

You are widely credited as being at the forefront of drum and bass and having a huge influence on the scene's current style. What are your thoughts on this?

If you like all the new styles then I'll happily take some praise. If not then don't blame me! Seriously though, it's an honour really to be credited with so much influence.

What are your feelings about coming back to Aberystwyth? Do you return regularly or is this the first time you have come back here for a while?

I can't wait to see if I remember my old house, and the beach, although I've been back to Wales many times. This is the first time I've been back to Aberystwyth since I was about three.

What is next on the agenda? How do you see drum and bass developing in the next few years?

I'd love to know and look forward to finding out. The energy in Dnb sets it apart from other genres to me so as long as I'm still involved I'll be happy.

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