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Providing a soundtrack for Aber

The Lowland Hundred
The Lowland Hundred's first album is due for release in March 2010

The Lowland Hundred was formed in Aberystwyth in late 2008 by Paul Newland and Tim Noble. Here, Tim tells us more about the group.

We were brought together by our shared fascination with the British seaside, its architecture, its memories and its future place in an increasingly globalised world.

We set out to make music inspired by the people, the landscape and the atmosphere of Aberystwyth, to which we both had recently relocated.

Our plan from the outset was to record an album which soundtracked our growing connection to these new surroundings in mid Wales.

Lyrics were inspired by features of the Aberystwyth landscape, the town's history and fragments of its many contemporary stories ...
Tim Noble

With musical influences as diverse as folk, post-rock, electronica and avant-garde classical music, The Lowland Hundred quickly developed a signature sound, surrounding Paul's distinctive voice with, among other things - pianos, guitars, electronics and field recordings of the local area.

Lyrics were inspired by features of the Aberystwyth landscape, the town's history and fragments of its many contemporary stories revealed in the local press and in everyday conversations.

Field recordings were captured in the surrounding woods, on storm-battered beaches and among the people of Aberystwyth themselves as they went about their daily lives.

Apart from key performances by old friends Sid Stronach (Oblong) and Dave Nice (ex-Linoleum), Newland and I wrote, performed and produced the resulting album ourselves in Aberystwyth between March and October 2009.

The album will be mastered by Benge (Expanding Records) and it is scheduled for release in March 2010 through London indie label Victory Garden Records, home through the years to artists as diverse as Hot Chip, Trencher, Southall Riot and Hey Colossus.

Future plans include a second album, on which work has already begun.

This new album will develop the experimental approach of the first album, but it will look beyond Aberystwyth for its inspiration, to the wider Ceredigion area.

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