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Picturemakers show Soar y Mynydd's influence on art
Alistair Crawford,  'For Soar Y Mynydd I ', 2009, oil on canvas
The Picturemakers are a group limited to 15 members drawn from throughout Mid Wales

The latest exhibition by a Mid Wales artists' collective is on the theme of arguably the most remote chapel in Wales.

The Picturemakers are displaying paintings at Aberystwyth's Morlan Centre influenced by Soar y Mynydd Welsh Calvinist Methodist chapel.

Founded in 2006, the group aims to promote its members work by exhibition, publication and the internet.

The work will be on show from 19 May until 3 July 2010.

For many it has become a poignant symbol of Wales, Soar y Mynydd has become an idea
Alistair Crawford

Soar y Mynydd chapel lies between Tregaron and Llyn Brianne and was built in 1822 to serve the hill farmers of Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire's upper valleys.

It is a simple structure, reminiscent of the long Welsh farmhouse, incorporating both a modest chapel and a two storey house.


The great snow storm of 1947 cut off the Tywi valley for three months and many sheep froze to death. This was the final blow to the last seven families of sheep farmers in the valley who sold out to the Forestry Commission.

Now the chapel lies alone in the remote landscape with not another house in sight.

The Picturemakers is limited to 15 members drawn from throughout Mid Wales.

In their desire to find their personal voices they regularly meet, each gaining from the support and encouragement received during discussions of 'work in progress.'


Alistair Crawford of The Picturemakers, said: "In today's world it should lie derelict, abandoned years ago, yet it still persists, kept alive by a dedicated congregation who still climb the valley to worship where no one lives.

"For many it has become a poignant symbol of Wales, Soar y Mynydd has become an idea.

"While the chapel echoes its forlorn fate it is still able to keep faith with its forbears and, like persistent nature itself, clings tenaciously to its beliefs; in God, and in its Welsh history and culture.

"The Picturemakers reflects an extraordinary diversity of backgrounds and interests, yet is united in a common approach, that of members using their own individual experiences and observations to produce their images.

"In so doing each artist seeks to demonstrate what has impinged visually, as each tries to paint what is to be found in their own personal environment."

Each Picturemakers exhibition takes on the hallmarks of this collective experience.

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