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TV & Radio examine disability act
Craig Lundberg
Craig Lundberg using the revolutionary equipment that allows him to "see".

BBC television and radio across the North West is marking the 40th anniversary of the pioneering Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act 1970.

The legislation was a private members bill introduced by local MP Alf Morris.

It was the first of its kind in the world and paved the way for subsequent legislation for disabled rights.

Lord Morris will return to Wythenshawe where his childhood experiences led to his passion for disabled rights.

The act made it a requirement for local authorities to be responsible for the care of people with disabilities and provide fair and open access to educational and recreational facilities.

It also recognised autism and dyslexia for the first time.

Find out more about the 1970 Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act.

BBC One: North West Tonight

Blind Liverpool soldier Craig Lundberg will be spending the week exploring the legacy of the 1970 Act for North West Tonight.

Lance Corporal Craig Lundberg lost his sight when he was hit by a grenade in Basra.

He uses the revolutionary BrainPort Vision Device equipment that allows him to 'see'.

Developed in America, the device works on the principle of sensory substitution, using one sense instead of another.

Touch sensors on the tongue are used instead of the photoreceptors of the eye.

Craig wears a pair of glasses which carry a video camera.

Images are fed into a lollypop-like device that Craig holds in his mouth, this transforms the pictures into electrical impulses that he can feel on his tongue.

Tingling sensations allow Craig to perceive light and dark and negotiate his way around objects.

North West Tonight will be asking "If you have a disability, what do you find accessible in 2010?" and talking to two disability campaigners, Sir Bert Massie and Elaine Evans.

Craig will be meeting a stem cell scientist who has Asperger's syndrome and finding out about the difficulties of moving from childhood to adulthood with a disability.

North West Tonight, BBC One, Monday to Friday, 1830BST.

BBC Radio Manchester

All week, BBC Radio Manchester will be examining the different aspects of access and inclusion for people with disabilities.

On Monday 24 May, the Right Honourable Alfred Baron Morris of Manchester will be speaking to Allan Beswick at Breakfast about his pioneering Act and its ramifications.


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