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Garry's gaffe: a human error?

by Nathan Middleton
Blue Tuesday contributor, BBC Radio Manchester

Garry Cook, chief executive Manchester City
Garry's gaffe: City's chief executive

Picture the scene. You're the chief executive of Manchester City addressing the club's staunchest supporters when you accidentally introduce a former star as a Manchester United player.

Sounds like a right howler but this is exactly what Garry Cook did at the club's 60th anniversary dinner, when he inadvertently inducted Uwe Rosler into the 'Manchester United Hall of Fame'.

Fans at the dinner were, needless to say, unimpressed by Garry's gaffe, apparently directing taunts, boos and even missiles in his direction.

OK. Mixing up your own club with that of your arch rivals is never going to make you a crowd favourite. But does this particular faux pas really warrant that kind of reaction? And can he be forgiven?

This was the main talking point on BBC Radio Manchester's Blue Tuesday show where fans were invited to give their opinions on the matter.


Presenter Paul Lake, who was at the function said he felt that the reaction of fans was probably exaggerated by alcohol.

Ian Cheeseman and Paul Lake
BBC Radio Manchester's weekly programme about Manchester City
Presented by Ian Cheeseman and Paul Lake
Tuesdays, 6pm - 7pm

"I think the initial response were a knee jerk reaction, but you can see why fans are getting upset," he said.

"There were a lot of City fans enjoying the night, and were well oiled let's say, and I think that was the reason why he got a lot of stick."

Paul added that had always found Garry Cook to be an honest and decent man.

"He was at the 'Blue Moon' Christmas party the next night, he could have hidden away but he stood there and I'm sure he got a bit of stick. It was a simple slip of the tongue and let's move on."

And that's what it was - a human error. Look at the clip shows on television of news readers and TV presenters who accidently say something they shouldn't. It happens.

So, although I'm sure it slightly ruined the moment for Uwe Rosler City fans need to look beyond this mistake.

More important surely is to have a chief exec who has both the club's and the fans' interests very much at heart.

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