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Profile: Heather Stott

Heather Stott

Heather Stott is with you each weekday morning (0900-1230) on BBC Radio Manchester talking health, family and relationships alongside some great music.

Heather Stott hasn't always been a broadcaster. She has been a nursing sister, a member of cabin crew for a major airline and, while she was living in Australia, she worked as a volunteer at a koala sanctuary and helped to look after sharks at an aquarium.

Although no-one has ever enquired too closely why Heather has changed career so often, her colleagues have their own theories.

On the plus side, her previous jobs have given her an eclectic skill mix. She loves people, can pour coffee at 35,000 ft, is excellent with a shovel and, most importantly, has learned never to put her hand in any water without checking what's in it!

Heather lives with her incredibly lucky husband and their money grabbing kids in Macclesfield.

As well as hearing Heather on BBC Radio Manchester you can see her presenting the weather on BBC Breakfast TV and on North West Today at lunchtime with Gordon Burns.


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