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Suicide: 'a heavenly way to die?'


Manchester's famously morose music legend Morrissey has described suicide as 'honourable' describing it as an act of 'great control.'

Speaking on Radio 4's Desert Island Discs (Sunday 29 November), the former Smiths frontman was asked if he'd ever considered taking his own life.

"Yes I have," he said, "and I think self-destruction is honourable."

Adding: "I always thought it was. It's an act of great control and I understand people who do it."

'Brother of death'

Throughout his career, Morrissey's music has often dwelt on the romance of death and comforted those in their darkest hour.

His song, There Is A Light That Never Goes Out contemplates a couple's joint suicide including the words: 'To die by your side, is such a heavenly way to die.'

In his Desert Island Discs interview, Morrissey even considered taking sleeping pills as his luxury item, but instead opted for a bed to help him sleep.

He said: "I would either take a bed - because I like to go to bed - or a bag of sleeping pills, because I might want to make a quick exit.

"I would have to take the bed because going to bed is the highlight of everybody's day. We love to go to sleep. it's the brother of death."

Morrissey also discussed his fascination with death he said: "I'm fascinated by the brevity of life and how people use their time because we all know the axe will fall.

"It's as inevitable as you and I sitting here now."


Headroom: understanding suicide
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Director of Manchester and Salford Samaritans, Joan Moor said that suicide was a matter for the individual.

"There are many reasons why people choose to take their own lives and those reasons may often be difficult for others to understand," she said.

"Some are in such terrible despair that they feel there is no other way out.

"Samaritans provide a listening service for people to talk through their thoughts and feelings so that they may find a way through those bad times.

"In the end however the choice remains with the individual and Samaritans never judge anyone nor seek to criticise their actions."

  • Suicide is currently the second biggest cause of death of young people in the UK aged 15 - 24.
  • If you are affected by the issues, there is help and advice on the BBC Headroom website.

Do you think Morrissey's views on suicide are irresponsible? Or is he right to share his opinion on the subject?



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