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Manchester's most congested roads revealed in study
Map showing Greater Manchester's top ten most congested roads
The bottlenecks to avoid in Greater Manchester

A nationwide study has confirmed that Greater Manchester has some of the worst traffic jams in the UK.

The report by traffic management company INRIX analysed the movement of motorway traffic in Britain's 25 largest metropolitan areas.

The study identified Manchester's top ten most congested roads with the Mottram section of the M67 the worst bottleneck in the area.

It also said that Manchester motorists spend 72 hours per year in traffic.


motorway traffic jam
Manchester commuters spend on average 72 hours in traffic a year

Manchester is the second most congested area in the UK, according to the latest research by INRIX.

It claimed that motorists who take a 30 minute commute each morning and evening spend on average 72.2 hours a year in traffic.

But some sections of the Manchester motorway network are responsible for the majority of the commuter snarl ups.

For instance, the worst time and place to travel is the M67 approaching Mottram-in-Longdendale at 5 - 6pm on Fridays where the average speed is just 5 mph.

That means that if you happen to be heading home by car on the M67 on a Friday evening you could conceivably walk the final two miles of the motorway faster than it would take to drive.

Top ten

The top ten most congested roads in Gtr Manchester as follows:

1. M67 - Mottram in Longdendale junction (A57)

2. Princess Parkway A5103 / Mancunian Way

3. M61 - Jct 3 Kearsley

4. M60 - Jct 14 Swinton

5. M67 - M60 Denton interchange

6. M60 - Jct 10 Trafford Centre

7. M56 - Jct 2 Sharston

8. M61 - Jct 2 Walkden

9. M61 - Jct 1, M60 Wardley Interchange

10. M60 - Jct 11 Barton

The scorecard also found that the worst place and time to be on UK roads is in Manchester on Fridays from 5pm - 6pm where it takes on average 56% longer than the same journey would take in uncongested conditions.


According to INRIX, researchers used data from more than three million GPS-enabled vehicles travelling the roads every day including airport shuttles, service delivery vans and lorries.

From that, they created a UK Traffic Scorecard to compare the country's traffic congestion problem and create a league table of the UK's commuting nightmares.

Hans Puvogel, chief executive of INRIX Europe said although Manchester came second overall to London in the congestion rankings, it was causing proportionately longer delays for commuters.

"The Greater Manchester area is number one in the UK in relative terms so the extra time Mancunians spend on the roads on a per mile basis is far ahead of London for example," he said.

Adding: "The scorecard, and the data powering the report, will contribute enormously to a better understanding of traffic congestion on UK roads helping governments and businesses free people and commerce from gridlock."

In 2008, the people of Greater Manchester voted 'no' in a referendum to decide whether to introduce a city-wide weekday, peak time congestion charge.

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