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MediaCityUK: where the streets have no name in Salford
MediaCityUK gets a splash of colour to its street navigation.

The owners of MediaCityUK have revealed there will be no street names on the Salford Quays site - only colours.

With the 36-acre media complex nearing completion, hundreds of staff are preparing to relocate with the first due to arrive in early 2011.

But in a break from tradition, it's been announced that the streets of MediaCity will be colour-coded.

For instance, the BBC will be on 'blue' street with the University of Salford on 'yellow.'

Rule book

Peel Media's MediaCity complex has been more than three years in construction and has transformed the Salford Quays skyline.

Map of MediaCityUK
A Tube-style map of the site has been created

And with just months to go before the first staff move into their new offices, final touches to the £650m development are being made.

Trams now run as far as the MediaCityUK stop, the planting and piazza are complete - and now a unique way of navigating the site has been devised.

Mike Roberts, senior designer at the Manchester-based agency The Chase, came up with the idea of using colours instead of names.

"We just felt that it was an opportunity to rip up the rule book when it came to street naming," he said.

MediaCity's main thoroughfares have been coloured blue, white, pink, yellow, orange, purple and green with a new stylised 'Tube' map of the site showing the layout.

And over the coming months security bollards, cycle bays, plant holders and lamp posts will be colour-coded to match.

There will even be coloured ambient lighting on each street to tell where you are after dark.


The announcement was made just days after BBC North director Peter Salmon confirmed in his blog the names of the three BBC buildings at MediaCity - Bridge, Dock and Quay House.

In addition, the five-acre piazza has been named as two distinct areas, The Green and The Stage, with an event capacity of up to 6,500 people.

We just felt that it was an opportunity to rip up the rule book when it came to street naming
Mike Roberts, The Chase

The colour signage has been agreed by all those businesses who are due to move to Salford.

Bryan Gray, chairman of Peel Media, said: "Our streetscape is a simple but effective wayfinding tool to help MediaCity visitors, residents and workers identify where they are on site.

"As the city comes alive over the next few months, we look forward to rolling out the colour scheme across the entire campus."

Mike Roberts said it was a 'unique' design which he believed would work for MediaCity employees and the public.

"The site is large yet small enough to navigate around it," he said. "It's not like getting from one side of the city centre to the other."



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